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Have a Happy Thanksgiving~Watch some anime :D

Posted by MuniT_04774 on 11/21/12 03:35

I recommend watching "K-On!" and "Kokoro Connect" both are good and fun to watch. Also for those who hvnt watched "K-ON!" there are 2 seasons to it, very enjoyable to watch if u like stories of girl bands and such(Havent finished watching this myself). The reason i posted these two anime together is becuase they look similar.


Sequel: K-ON!! 2
Type: TV Series, 13 episodes
Year: 2 Apr 2009 to 25 Jun 2009
Age rating: PG-13 – Teens +13
It’s Yui Hirasawa’s first year in high school, and she’s eagerly searching for a club to join. At the same time, Ritsu Tainaka, a drummer, and her friend Mio Akiyama, a bassist, are desperately trying to save the school’s light music club, which is about to be disbanded due to lack of members. They manage to recruit Tsumugi Kotobuki to play the keyboard, meaning they only need one more member to get the club running again. Yui joins, thinking it will be an easy experience for her to play the castanets, the only instrument she knows. However, the other members think their new addition is actually a guitar prodigy…

Kokoro Connect

Alternative Titles: N/A
Type: TV, 13 episodes + 4 on Blu-ray
Year:Jul 8, 2012 to ?
Age rating: N/A
The five members of the Cultural Study group that meets in class 401 have spent a lot of time wondering what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes. But they’re about to learn that there’s a huge difference between thinking about something and literally BEING in someone else’s shoes! Because that’s exactly what happens when, suddenly and inexplicably, they each find themselves inside the body of the girl (or boy) next door!
What happens next? Well, besides bringing a whole new meaning to the term “Exchange Student” and the expected freaked out runs to the bathroom, it’s not hard to do the math: Take one wrestling geek, the resident cool girl, the class clown, the popular chick and one sultry maid of mystery, scramble thoroughly and divide, and you can bet that pretty soon they’ll be answering ALL of the questions they never wanted to know about the opposite sex in ways they never anticipated!