public22Group Leader: nightfox98Created: 10/28/11


Hello and welcome to Rose Knights this is a team/guild that is mixed with adventure, questing, dungeon runs, or some fun pvp arena time. If we’re not going out to bust some monsters up were chilling and relaxing having fun with each other like family. We’re not a big hard core guild in wanting to be the top guild but we try our best to be good at what we do. If you enjoy having fun and hanging around with a touch of seriousness were a guild you’d like to join. To add more to our guild we have 4 teams within the guild called The Wolves, Serpentine, The Shadows, and Faust.cp. Also when you first join the guild your allowed to pick what team you want to join (please leave your ign for this). So to end this come on in and join the Knight Hood of the Rose Knight. LONG LIVE THE ROSE!!!~~