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Were Baaaack o.O

Posted by heatherheart on Tue Mar 1 01:53:50 2011
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were startin up again. if your new to shaiya light-side; are mature responsible an into mature jokes an tom foolery then this guilds for you!
Signing up for this guild is easy just vist the guild master in server Gaia an voila your accepted. few but essential requirements : if ur under 18 flag the officers or Me - Aphy.
kinda important as we like to be respectful to lil kids.
Swearing is permitted. i dunt care what u say so long as if u get into a fight over ur mouth u better sweet talk ur butt outta it.
Take the drama to pm's. we encourage u young adults to work out ur differences on ur own. if u cant an i have to step in i wont be pleased about it. reember its a dang game so dont get petty.
Ksing isnt accept by anyone. respect other players an they'll respect u back an if they dont tell a darkie im sure they'll be happy to take'm out XD .
oh last but most important if a girl says no. she means no. an that goes the same for the men.

now lets go play!

~ aphrodite