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Good Idea

Posted by BlackBerryTea on 10/10/11 08:45 - Updated on 10/10/11 08:45
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I really hope this group was a good idea? I didn't like that the Badge that won did not really made it obvious that the Person who will have it was here before CBT so i wanted to make something more.....


Posted by Chuck_N0rris on 11/20/13 07:53 - Updated on 11/20/13 07:53
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hello, I'd like to order a large order to you. I am DJ in Brazil, and I am disputing the opportunity to play at a party. and for me to gain this opportunity, I need you guys enjoy my comment on the fo...

Lime Odyssey Manga!!

Posted by Bunnies10 on 06/27/13 19:08 - Updated on 06/27/13 19:08
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    Posted by Chuck_N0rris on 02/28/13 16:10 - Updated on 02/28/13 16:10
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    my profile is good?

      Christmas Shopping help

      Posted by 1GhostReaper on 12/02/11 00:06 - Updated on 12/02/11 00:06
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      I find this out a week ago and it really work. First thing you need to do is get a "junk" email account. Since you're going to be getting a lot of junk mail you're not going to want it all going to y...

      Get a Pre-Beta once in a lifetime profile badge!!

      Posted by LordRapthorne on 11/03/11 16:57 - Updated on 11/03/11 16:57
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      Just participate in this event.

        Introduction Text

        Posted by BlackBerryTea on 10/10/11 08:42 - Updated on 10/10/11 08:42
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        Hi everyone. English is not my native Language, so i make alot of mistakes and we don't really want that in our introduction, right? Help me to improve the text, let it sound cool and kill off my mist...