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(-Event Begins!-) Testing Your Roplaying Skills

Posted by on 10/02/11 15:56 - Updated on 10/03/11 18:08

This event is to pm me how well you can roplay but you must have proff in how well you can roplay on me or someone else.

(- James Annocment -)

Posted by on 09/14/11 19:30

For your roplaying skill's. I just ask you one favor is to recuite more member's to make it more fun on roplaying then 10 people.

(-Hard Traning Today-)

Posted by on 09/12/11 16:48

You will face me all of you will. If you can defeat me you will be know strong like me. If you fail. Ill give you many chances. The other enemy wont have a match on me. Good luck soul reaper's.

(-Captain's Read-)

Posted by on 09/11/11 17:23

You are now allowed to make mission's. If a member wants to make a mission you must have premission from me member's. Then i will post it.

(-Captain-) Your Rule's

Posted by on 09/11/11 12:59

You are now able to vote for new captain's. The Royal captain only needs to vote once to get a member to become a captain if he is strong anoth to take out the hollow's.

(-Soul Society-) Recuitment Day

Posted by on 09/11/11 12:33

We must recuite many members that have the powers like us. If they dont we must train them how. Get the soul's that are lost and get them to the city of heaven. Don't let anyway die alone with sadness...