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game golds sell!!!

Posted by ganmao05 on 01/31/12 10:08 - Updated on 01/31/12 10:08
Comment: 0 - Last Commented: 01/31/12 10:08 is selling game golds now!!! We're the fastest! We're the cheapest!We're the safest! We're the maxmal! Our service is the best in the world! Remember, your choice is!

    Posted by niuniu775 on 10/10/11 02:14 - Updated on 10/10/11 02:14
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    shaiya: Agora compra 10M=R$3.11, 100M=29.66 . Perfect World: Agora compra moedas no Perfect World temos bonus, Agora compra desde 5kk pra 100kk temos 5% bónus, Agora compra mais de 100kk, temo...

    PVP o.O

    Posted by HusaynAly on 09/26/11 21:04 - Updated on 09/26/11 21:04
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    I think now that majority of the members here are fury linked is gonna die... I suggest we invite the 3Kondoms to the group see if they will pvp o.O

      We need more Lighites added ..

      Posted by MilkJr on 09/10/11 19:21 - Updated on 09/10/11 19:21
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      We need more lighites added to this group, so more lighties know about future events. Was super nice to see so many acutlly came. But I think if we got more ppl to join group, we finally can get the ...