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Name your favorite Square enix character.

Posted by Sky_Aeros on 01/03/12 05:52 - Updated on 01/03/12 05:52
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Go ahead and name off your favorite square enix character of all time, can be from final fantasy, kingdom hearts, anything from square enix, and even say a bit on why he/she/it is your favorite charac...

Favorite FF character

Posted by kyuubi258 on 08/18/11 15:22 - Updated on 08/18/11 15:22
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please post name and img of your favorite FF character. mine is Zack Fair

    Hi I'm new. Anyone plan to get KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Dream Drop Distance

    Posted by kyle8544 on 06/02/12 09:13 - Updated on 06/02/12 09:13
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    I want to get KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Dream Drop Distance Mark of Mastery Edition if I can get the money.


      Posted by SyngChild on 03/22/12 15:45 - Updated on 03/22/12 15:45
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      I heard all kinds of stuff about this game that it sucks, and I've seen the ending which I'd have to agree. So people are saying they aren't making a FFXIII-3 and that the DLC will clue up the story. ...

      Yahoo :3

      Posted by Taiyan on 03/19/12 20:38 - Updated on 03/19/12 20:38
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      Hey all new guy here :3 Hope we will have a great time :D

        Big Bad Boss

        Posted by Sky_Aeros on 08/27/11 20:23 - Updated on 08/27/11 20:23
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        Ok heres something new... who was the toughest boss you fought in a Square Enix game and how did you kill him? *o*

          What's ur fav Kingdom Hearts world?

          Posted by Smartie19 on 03/13/12 21:05 - Updated on 03/13/12 21:05
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          Mine is Halloween town. Im a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

            No one here knows about dragon quest?

            Posted by Sky_Aeros on 08/18/11 15:24 - Updated on 08/18/11 15:24
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            Dragon Quest is one of the most popular games in Japan ... no one knows of this game?

              Whats your fav Square Enix game?

              Posted by Sky_Aeros on 08/16/11 22:37 - Updated on 08/16/11 22:37
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              tell me your fav square enix game and why! My fav square enix game is dragon quest cuz it has a hard long adventure to the game also has many differ equipment and wep to choce from, a nice strategy ga...

              RP time ^^

              Posted by Sky_Aeros on 08/22/11 14:39 - Updated on 08/22/11 14:39
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              Today we are going to RP im sure everyone is ready today and wanted to be apart of it so i will start and you all can fallow, add, and other things have fun! ^^