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tips for new players.

Posted by aethlelred on Sun Jul 31 22:23:34 2011
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so, your new to eden?

here are some tips you may find useful.......

quests are how character points and class points are earned. fame points are also aquired by questing. there are several different types of quests. these include:

*mainline or story quests.
these are the quests that you aquire as you move through each town. they are unlocked by meeting townspeople and accepting the quests they offer you. these quests increase both character and class xp, unlock new areas, and earn regional fame points as well as money and loot. please note that dungeons are not neccesary to advance through mainline quests, though they are a good way to meet new people, earn xp and grab some good loot.

*curia library quests.
these quests are obtained by purchasing books from travelling merchants, general merchants and from the bookseller in aven. curia quests are level based and there a usually a number of books available in each area. each book contains several quests. curia quests earn both character and class xp, curia fame points, as well as the usaul money and loot.( though the loot is mostly scrolls and monster pots.)
*guild quests.
guild quests are obtained by purchasing them from the guild quest officer in aven. there is one per level. they are repeatable quests and even though they cost a small amount they are a good way to earn money. they do earn character and class xp though. every quest completed contributes money and fame to the guild and is neccesary to advance the guild to a level where a town can be built.
*tips on questing.....
-USE THE QUEST LOG. press L or click on the journal icon bottom right of screen.
-OPEN AS MANY AVAILABLE QUESTS AS YOU CAN. the max number of accepted quests at one time is 25.some quests require you to kill the same monsters as other quests and if you have multiple quests open the total of killed monsters will fill up on any quests that require you to kill that type of monster. this way you can level up alot quicker.
-JOIN PARTIES. when you join a party while questing, any monsters your party members kill that you are required to kill for your quests will be credited to you. joining parties is a useful way to get through large or difficult quest quickly.