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When wil it start?!?!?!

Posted by lamma09 on 08/30/11 20:01 - Updated on 08/30/11 20:01
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When is the beta gonna start?! If anyone else finds out tel me plzzzzzzz

    What are you looking forward to?

    Posted by qawsar on 05/31/13 21:50 - Updated on 05/31/13 21:50
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    What are you looking forward to the most in the new Lime Odyssey? You can even talk about things that have yet to come like the new housing system!

      What drew you to LO?

      Posted by noliai on 07/11/11 17:46 - Updated on 07/11/11 17:46
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      There are lots of things on my list, but what was it initially that made you go: "Oh, this looks interesting"? For me, it was the girl with catears. As a catlover I always like games that allows me t...

      If you could...

      Posted by qawsar on 08/09/13 15:11 - Updated on 08/09/13 15:11
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      If you could have one thing in Lime Odyssey, what would it be? Personally, I want one of this penguin looking airships in the trailer that carry a ton of people across the world! I have yet to see su...

      Lime Odyssey Group Revitalized!

      Posted by qawsar on 05/31/13 19:38 - Updated on 05/31/13 19:38
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      This group is now alive again and will be active, I'm co-leading this with the original group leader. If ya can, try getting as many members as possible to join the group! We'll be posting all event...

      LO's NEW Korean Publisher

      Posted by qawsar on 11/01/12 23:45 - Updated on 11/01/12 23:45
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      Figured this is probably the best place to let people know about LO's new KR publisher if you guys don't already. The new publisher is Daum, a really huge company in Korea.