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    [SoF Event] On Vacation with Paladin!

    Posted by on 07/01/13 17:48 Event Date: 06/30/13 21:00

    ( Starts: 07/01 - Ends: 07/08 ) Even Paladins need a bit of time off now and then! Pick which game GMPaladin should install and play with the Lime Odyssey community while we wait for Lime Odyssey's launch! Whichever game wins the above poll, Paladin will install and create a character and invite all of you to do the same so we can explore the game from level 1! I've only included RPG games above, as I want to play with you, not fight against you (like a FPS) or only see your castle (like an RTS). Once the game is picked, I'll provide more details about the playtime events. Check it out here: |

    [SoF Event] A Summer Quest!

    Posted by on 06/26/13 14:35 Event Date: 06/25/13 21:00

    ( Starts: 06/25 - Ends: 07/02 ) Last Saturday (06/22) the Lime Paradise fan site interviewed Paladin (me!) during their podcast! The recording has since been uploaded to YouTube and is viewable here! Problem is, the video doesn't have many likes! So, please head over to the YouTube page and start liking the video to show your support! Check it out here: |

    [SoF Event] Trade Class Competition!

    Posted by on 06/26/13 14:33 - Updated on 06/26/13 14:34 Event Date: 06/24/13 21:00

    ( Starts: 06/25 - Ends: 07/09 ) Are you anything like your Lime Odyssey counterpart? Are you a blacksmith, tailor or chef? Show your skills by crafting, creating and constructing for this event! Try your hand at something new or put your hidden talents to work and win a nice 1000 AP prizes! You can enter all three categories but only win once! Check it out here: |

    [SoF Event] Super Lime on Holiday!

    Posted by on 06/19/13 01:37 Event Date: 06/18/13 21:00

    ( Starts: 06/18 - Ends: 06/25 ) Even Super Limes need a vacation once in a while! Problem is the Stupendous Super Lime is so fast, he can't spend the entire vacation in one place! He's been spotted in hundreds of different locations around the world! Show us where he's been on his vacation! Check it out here: |

    [SoF Event] Summer Coloring Book

    Posted by on 06/15/13 19:52 Event Date: 06/14/13 21:00

    ( Starts: 06/14 - Ends: 06/21 ) Ever been to one of those restaurants with the little coloring books with the off-brand crayons? We'd usually turn the page over and play hangman on the back while waiting for the food to arrive. How are your drawing skills? Show us by coloring these pages! Click below to read more! |

    [SoF Event] A podcast from Paradise

    Posted by on 06/15/13 19:53 Event Date: 06/14/13 21:00

    ( June 17th 2pm-3pm PST ) On June 17th at 2pm PST, GMPaladin (hey that's me!) will be live on a podcast run by the good folks over on Lime Paradise. Thereon, he/me will answer some questions from the LO community in regards to Lime Odyssey! Want to take part? Be on the Lime Odyssey Shoutbox from 2pm PST to 3pm PST on June 17th and get your best LO questions ready for him/me to answer! |

    A Not-So-Simple Game of Tag

    Posted by on 05/31/13 19:30 Event Date: 06/05/13 14:00

    ( Starts: 05/29 - Ends: 06/05 ) "Hey you! Bring back those limes!" Uh oh, sounds like the head chef is really mad! I probably shouldn't have taken all these limes cause now I can't possibly hold them all!. But if I take one and give the rest to you... maybe we can all end up with limes and out of the head chef's reach! So take these from me and when someone wants some, pass them on to someone else and keep one for yourself! | Check out this thread for more info!

    [SoF Event] I Don't Know What You Did Last Summer!

    Posted by on 06/05/13 18:32 Event Date: 06/05/13 10:00

    ( Starts: 06/05 - Ends: 06/12 ) I've been told that Lime Odyssey wasn't included in last year's Summer of Fun activities! So I want to know, what was it you did last summer?? | Check out this thread for more info: