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Lime Odyssey Status Report 9/12/13

Posted by on 09/12/13 21:08

Check out the new status report~ |

Lime Odyssey Status Report 8/12/13

Posted by on 08/13/13 00:11

Check out the latest Lime Odyssey Status Report here: | Also, farewell GM Nyago, he was an amazing GM and I was looking forward to working ...

Lime Odyssey Status Report 7/10/13

Posted by on 07/10/13 18:06

Status Report for this month was released, Aeria now has the client and is evaluating it along with information from the Korean servers! View the full report here: |

Lime Odyssey Status Report 6/10/13

Posted by on 06/10/13 16:03

The new LO Status report is out. There is news about feedback from the KR LO OBT, as well as community info and projects! Check out the full details here: |

Lime Odyssey 2013 Summer of Fun!

Posted by on 06/05/13 18:33

Greetings Lime Odyssey community! Our little cruise has ended up in the middle of the Aeria Summer of Fun! The LO team is happy to announce our participation in the 2013 Aeria Games Summer of Fun! Wit...

Korean Lime Odyssey Feedback

Posted by on 05/31/13 19:11

Did you play any of the alpha tests? Did you watch or play the new Korean Lime Odyssey OBT? Post what you think here!

Lime Odyssey Alpha Test

Posted by on 11/03/11 08:36

Lime Odyssey staff is now looking for people to participate in the Lime Odyssey Alpha Test. Don't forget to fill out their application which you can find along with some more information at the LO for...

Sign Up for Closed Beta

Posted by on 07/11/11 17:48

It may be some time away, but you haven't forgotten to sign up for the Closed Beta, have you? You'll find the sign up-button on the official LO webpage: