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Birth Days...

Posted by waterlobe on 02/26/10 13:38 - Updated on 02/26/10 13:38
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Tell me when ur b-days r ok? ill but them in announcments!!!! ^^ :p

    game golds sell!!!

    Posted by chaoren15 on 11/14/11 09:55 - Updated on 11/14/11 09:55
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    www.googmmo.com is selling game golds now!!! We're the fastest! We're the cheapest! We're the safest! We're the maxmal! Our service is the best in the world! Remember, your choice is www.googmmo....


    Posted by niuniu775 on 08/18/11 21:44 - Updated on 08/18/11 21:44
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    shaiya: Agora compra 10M=R$3.11, 100M=29.66 . Perfect World: Agora compra moedas no Perfect World temos bonus, Agora compra desde 5kk pra 100kk temos 5% bónus, Agora compra mais de 100kk, temo...

    Perfect World.www.parajogo.net!

    Posted by xiao2b on 08/13/11 17:13 - Updated on 08/13/11 17:13
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    Grand Fantasia: 1000G=R$5.42 5000G=R$27.7 shaiya: Agora compra 10M=R$3.11 100M=R$29.66 Perfect World: Agora compra moedas no Perfect World temos bonus, Agora compra desde 5kk pra 100kk temos 5% b...

    Who likes my Playlist

    Posted by waterlobe on 02/26/10 13:34
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    Go on my pro n listn' to maii playlist n tell me if u lyke it ^^ idk if u like it or not (as long as i like it right???) Ratings: 1:BOO!!! 2:... Ok... 3:Alright 4:Cool 5:Niiiiiice 6:YAY!!! 7:Holy Sht ...


    Posted by Khirs on 06/20/11 13:12 - Updated on 06/20/11 13:12
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    hi... just join

      Tekken 6

      Posted by waterlobe on 02/25/10 08:07
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      Who all has Tekken 6 (i do) i luve Tekken games i have them all Who is ur Fave Character?

        tenjho tenge

        Posted by hayato23 on 05/21/10 01:27 - Updated on 05/21/10 01:27
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        all of you have to watch the ova tenjho tenge because it has everything you can ask for in a anime trust me if you wanna watch it just go to youtube and put tenjho tenge w/ english subs. ok? give me y...

        Who all Wants to be in the story

        Posted by waterlobe on 01/14/10 11:22
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        All you have to do is give a description of your character Name, Looks, Clothes, Cape (optional), Weapon (also optional), And magic power (only one magic power per person to have more ur weapon has to...

        Random Time

        Posted by EternalElagance on 04/23/10 18:44 - Updated on 04/23/10 18:44
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        Say the most random things you want to your hearts content x3