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    My B-Day

    Posted by on 03/02/10 12:21 Event Date: 11/24/10 19:00

    Yay my b-day :3 give me wishes DX

    Hotguy76's b-day

    Posted by on 03/04/10 11:50 - Updated on 03/08/10 11:59 Event Date: 10/31/10 21:00

    Yay, it my Kirby buddies b-day every1 give him happy wishes tht maybe kirby will warp star into his house... (wait tht might hurt sum1, oh well they will have to move out the way) -Really quick like-

    EternalElagance's B-Day

    Posted by on 03/02/10 12:20 Event Date: 06/25/10 20:00

    Today is EternalElegance's B-Day Woot Tell her Have a happy 1 :3


    Posted by on 03/19/10 12:10 Event Date: 03/26/10 08:00

    Mid-Day Meaning That voting is now over!!!


    Posted by on 03/19/10 12:09 Event Date: 03/24/10 20:00

    Vote for my pic if you havent already today is the last day

    Hiyori100's B-Day

    Posted by on 03/08/10 12:02 Event Date: 03/15/10 20:00

    Today is Hiyori100's B-Day... Alright Group Every1 send a comment wishing a happy 1 :3

    Zarenco's B-Day

    Posted by on 04/22/10 11:56 Event Date: 01/23/10 19:00

    Today is Zarenco's Birthday be sure to give him a nice comment to tell him how important he is :P Recent records say hes a DBZ fan :D