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why is the sky falling

Posted by on 01/06/10 16:41

none of the problems have happened to me but tell me all your findings and i will make a note of it

my deepest sorries

Posted by on 12/25/09 11:37

i am sorry i've benn out so long i need someone to take charge wile i am gone so tell me how offten you are on and i will chose thank and dont forget to turn in your reports from here on out just send...

we need more people

Posted by on 10/24/09 13:52

invite more people you know from any aeria games game


Posted by on 10/24/09 13:39

each week i will give a topic to be reserched send me a message and tell me what aeria games game you play most


Posted by on 10/24/09 13:36

reporters look around and find out all you can about the halloween events