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Why listen to just ONE style of music while grinding or fighting on your favorite game, WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL?! Seriously, Variety is the spice of life! That's why we play so many different types of music and games. GRRadio is a Mature-rated station, which means we cater to mature gamers who need a break from the gamekiddies to relax with the grown-ups! Interaction with our listeners is high priority. We love to friend you in Facebook and Xfire, game with you, and chat with you in our own GRRadio Ventrilo! Some DJ's will also host parties in their video games while they are live on the air! Now, where can you listen to all this amazing music? SIMPLE! *We follow all royalty laws and regulations which allows us to play all the music you love to hear LEGALLY! *We have multiple ways to contact the DJ currently playing! Find out how on the site! *We are broadcasting music 24/7! Cramming your speakers with as much music as you can possibly jam along to! whether you love metal, alternative, pop, rap, jazz or country we've got it all! We also have opportunities for all you music loving junkies to DJ live on air! How is this possible? JUST ASK!