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How to get AP ?

Posted by charvin123 on 07/28/14 22:59 - Updated on 07/28/14 22:59
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Teach me to get AP , Just PM Me! :D

    Playlist Backgrounds

    Posted by andaro on 10/04/11 00:36 - Updated on 10/04/11 00:36
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    As we start to build an image library for awesome backgrounds you can use on's Embed Playlist feature, we have setup the initial Image Collection found at

    August 2011 Update

    Posted by andaro on 07/21/11 10:40 - Updated on 07/21/11 10:40
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    Hey folks, thought I'd post up a few updates that are on their way. I apologize for not finding an ample supply of time to continue work here on the AGE Playlist project, recent duties as a GS and re...

    Welcome Everyone!

    Posted by andaro on 04/02/11 12:49
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    Just wanted to welcome everyone to the group and thank you all for joining! :D Hopefully as this project grows, you'll all find it quite enjoyable :) :P Check out the wallpaper background, It's stil...

    Post Those Playlists!

    Posted by andaro on 04/11/11 12:54 - Updated on 04/11/11 12:54
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    :D You gotta playlist on MixPod or Post up your codes here in this thread and "Post Up Yo Playlist!" (please make sure to disable the auto-start in your playlist code options before po...

    Follow Us on

    Posted by andaro on 04/05/11 07:23 - Updated on 04/05/11 07:23
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    Have a account? Love Playlists? Awesome! Check us out on Let's follow each other :D and help spread the word of Aeria

      UK Region Support

      Posted by andaro on 03/30/11 07:56 - Updated on 03/30/11 07:56
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      Recently I realized that some regions in the UK/Netherlands Area have licensing restrictions on content by and can't view or access content from Preparations are in planning...


      Posted by andaro on 02/03/11 00:14 - Updated on 02/03/11 00:14
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      Songs are being added slowly, but surely, work in progress, only one of me, phewww! Widgets will be released, one at a time, each having a contest from its respective chosen representative game for t...

      Blog Notes - Contests Round 1

      Posted by andaro on 02/11/11 00:57 - Updated on 02/11/11 00:57
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      The following games had Screenshot Contests: LastChaos, GrandFantasia, MegaTen, Dream of Mirror Advertisement of the contests were met by scrutiny in the GF & MT Forums and post was buried in the...

      Desktop Widgets - Tech Support

      Posted by andaro on 02/02/11 23:55 - Updated on 02/02/11 23:55
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      Some users may be experiencing problems trying to use the Windows 7/Vista Sidebar Playlist Gadgets. Users experiencing this problem are seeing a see-through outlined box, with a Red X in the corner, i...