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Posted by andaro on 02/02/11 11:20

The AGPlaylist Project is a community project only. AeriaGames has no officiality with this project, nor is liable or responsible for any of its actions or contents. However, as bearing the Aeria name, being hosted here in Aeria's community, the official TOS Policies of AeriaGames will be upheld by the Leader(s) & Officer(s) of this group to the fullest extent.

In the event that a user is offended by a song found on a playlist, etc., please send a message to one of the officers on this group, and the issue will be looked into.

Permission for the founding of this project and what it entails was pre-obtained under RT#5110303. Aeria Staff reserves the right to terminate this "player created" project at anytime, with or without reason, by either deleting this Group, and/or contacting the officers or leaders. Termination shall include removal Group, Playlists, Widgets & Downloads.

All playlists are hosted at