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Hey there

Posted by lamontvriley
10/16/12 21:14

helo i play on gf, i wouldend mend haveing a few gay feind to hang with

Hey there

Posted by Giovanna_X
01/10/13 22:21

Hi, all. Sorry for being inactive here since September. Please remember that this website is rated PG13, and bear in mind the no spam policy. Thank you all.

Hey there

Posted by PleasingSilence
06/28/13 10:54

Hey there ^^ I'm lesbian currently playing Scarlet Blade. Feel free to visit my profile and leave a comment :3 However I will not tolerate ignorance.

I play on Valkyrie with an SE, IGN"Chedders" WH, IGN"PeachBlossom" and a DE, IGN"KizuaHyuuka"

Hey there

Posted by cdslade.85
09/10/13 16:37

Hello everyone. I am a lesbian, 28yrsold, stud, single, from Virginia.I am somewhat new to aeria games. Currently I play Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA). My user name on that game is HMSLADE. I am looking to meet new friends to game with and chat with feEl free to message me.