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A Few Items of Interest from the News (Aug. 2012)

Posted by Giovanna_X on 08/03/12 18:14 - Updated on 09/01/12 23:40

Some of these you may have seen already, but they still make for interesting reading/viewing. Disclaimer: No political endorsements or condemnations are explicit in my posting of any of the following news items.

- Gio

Texas A&M Students Block Westboro Baptist Protesters With Human Wall

First Female U.S. Astronaut, Sally Ride, Comes Out In Obituary

Federal Trial Court In Connecticut Strikes Down DOMA's Marriage Definition

Wendy's Franchise Owner Sides with Chick-Fil-A, Wendy's Corporate Apologizes (Repeatedly), Signs are Taken Down

Matt Bomer Steps Out With His Partner And Kids

A Gay Chick-fil-A Employee Speaks Out

Edit: Somehow I forgot to add this one:
Congress Passes Restrictions On Military Funeral Protests, Delivers Blow To Westboro Baptist Church

Edit, 2012-08-19: Changed the coding a bit to make the email version more useful while retaining the usefulness of the original at the groups page, also added the next item ...

This could get very interesting:
Bill banning parents from trying to 'cure' gay kids moves forward

Edit, 2012-08-26: A couple more articles of interest:

Chik-fil-A is not the only company with anti-gay policies

Trans Rights

Edit, 2012-09-01: A few more articles:

Anderson Cooper Comes Out

US Heartland Cities Debating Gay Rights Measures

Three-Person Civil Union in Brazil Sparks Controversy

Final Edition, "A Few Items of Interest from the News," August 2012 issue.