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Some Updates for 2014

Posted by on 03/05/14 18:01

Several news stories that are definitely worth watching/reading "“Bag a F*g” - A silent US anti-gay epidemic (E34)" - US Major News Networks not covering hate crimes against LGBTQ citizens http:/...

An Awesome Statement on NFL

Posted by on 02/15/14 21:06

Reintroduction - Hello There!

Posted by on 01/21/14 02:32

As it has been quite some time since I have posted I thought I would say hi to everyone and reiterate to those out there who click that Join button, or stoll on by peeking in the window, g...

Anti-LGBT Hate Group Persecutes Trans Minor

Posted by on 11/10/13 23:55 - Updated on 11/10/13 23:58

Background info: http://www....

News Harvest (Late September 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2)

Posted by on 09/30/12 04:50

Howdy, folks. The news brought to my attention or found by me for the latter part of September was less than there was for the first part of the month, so this issue may be relatively brief, and will...

A Lesson in Bullying

Posted by on 09/18/12 18:47 - Updated on 09/18/12 18:48

LadyBorderlinex has posted this in the Discussions, but I thought it would be good to send out as an Announcement as well:

News Harvest (Early September 2012, Volume 1, Issue 1)

Posted by on 09/13/12 04:15 - Updated on 09/13/12 04:30

It's that time once again, friends and neighbors: time for a presentation of news articles which are of interest to the LGBT community and friends. This month, however, I have decided that, rather t...

Additional Support Sites - Bi-Specific

Posted by on 09/13/12 04:26

The previous Support Sites Announcement posts have offered little or nothing for the Bisexual part of our community. I mean to rectify that with this post. ~ Gio American Institute of Bisexuality h...

A Few Items of Interest from the News (Aug. 2012)

Posted by on 08/03/12 18:14 - Updated on 09/01/12 23:40

Some of these you may have seen already, but they still make for interesting reading/viewing. Disclaimer: No political endorsements or condemnations are explicit in my posting of any of the followin...

Senators Fight US Ban on Gay Blood Donors (Men)

Posted by on 08/09/12 14:11 (CNN) -- The American Red Cross says power outages created by recent storms in the East and Midwest cut blood donations, which were...