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character and rp

Posted by spinner108
01/06/11 22:50

hair color/length: white bottom of neck
body type:athletic
skin color: pale white
weapons:has wide array of sharp weapons, poison tipped darts,small caliber gun, large guns if needed
clothing: black combat gear
job: freak, assassin
abilities: auras, shape shifting, physcological warfare, can control dead bodies
race: vampire
personality: friendly, deadly, killer, amazin

story: was born in late 1700's as a human... went through life normal til an encounter with a assassin whom was vampritic was bitten after his fight and turned immortal which ment he never aged stayed 15 forever never changed default apperance was turned into a revenge seeking yet confused person. wants to be normal again. took up a job as an assassin/guardian defending the human race druid race elven race emo race and several others. is one of he original 5 whom where bitten to be used as weapons and i am the only one to resist and live...! carries out life jumping from place to place able to alter time.

character and rp

Posted by waterlobe
01/07/11 12:16

(is this jus a spin off of mine in AnimeFriends?)
Name: Zak Strato
Age: old enough X.x (20)
Hair: Black shoulder lenght right side part
Body: skinny kinda athletic (Gothic Body W00T)
Skin: Pale White
Weapons: Uzi Sub machine gun, chainsaws inbedded in arms, and revi Katana
Clothing: Hunter
Job: Hunter
Story: created in lab W00T imma android X3

character and rp

Posted by spinner108
01/07/11 13:07

(actually if anime friends didnt have one i was gunna make one sooooo yea lol)

character and rp

Posted by thirenty
01/10/11 09:10

i'll do it after exams,tho.i gotta think about it.

character and rp

Posted by kingdeath123
01/10/11 16:25

sounds fun ok

Name: Death
Age: unknown
Weapon: vanity syth
Description: able to control darkness however he wishes and convert to a energy attack
Hair color: white
Eye color: white
Skin color: Pale White
Race: unknown

character and rp

Posted by kingdeath123
01/10/11 16:26

i also joind anime frends rp

character and rp

Posted by Killabro6
01/11/11 18:04

Haha dis is interesting... Kk I'll make one :)
name: Akil
Gender: Male
age: 15/ 65
Hair color/length: Dark black with red and silver tips...long
Body type: Athletic
Skin color: pale white
Weapons:variety of small daggers, kunai and shuriken and occasionally small fire arms.
Clothing:dark cloth and a black leather trench coat
Job: high school kid/ vigilanty
Abilities: has enormous strength and speed. Can hear everything. Paralyze and manipulate peoples actions with a touch
Race: Vampire
Personality: keeps to himself mostly and is not outgoing but still friendly
Story: Was born in the 1950's. Was an exelent yet shy student at a boarding school in japan. He stayed late one night to finish up some work and was on his way to the dorm when a vampire girl tricked him into following her into the woods where she almost sucked him dry....once the girl "disposed" of the body it took a month for him to dig his way out of where he was burried. By that time the suspense of his sudden disappearance was quieting down and he was thought dead because police found blood where he was attacked and immediately assumed he was killed...he was too bloodthirsty as a new bored vampire and when he walked across a guy that was about to rape a girl he killed him and took his identity. He changed him identity and location every three years and is now located at a high school where he has found a girl who he has fallen in love with but doesn't know if he can make himself tell her his secret...and doesn't know if he can keep from feeding from her forever

character and rp

Posted by Killabro6
01/11/11 18:07

Forgot to mention he cleans the streets of murderers and rapist hoping to be able to attain a reason to live (aka to pass time)
Srry if I made it too long

character and rp

Posted by waterlobe
01/13/11 21:38

no it not too long lolz (iz ppl lyke u tht gime sumptin 2 do lol)

character and rp

Posted by Killabro6
01/13/11 22:46

Lol >.<