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We are a friendly and welcoming Guild allowing any lvl to become one of us. Kaipa and MuddPuppy will be your Guild leaders, We have 2 Guilds. NA (No Angels) and NAX (No Angels X) NA is the big sister of NAX, we offer low lvl players to become NAX as there are lots of low and mid lvl players in this guild. Once you ahev worked your way to the top. You can apply for NA if there are any spaces available, speak to Kaipa or Mudd about this. We have GA's if Kaipa and Mudd are not online, so dont fret! you will be able to apply to the guild if the team leaders are not on:) We have guild events much like the events of GS. And the prises are much more valuable than GS prises. Enough said...join up now!



No events yet.