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Ranking(S) Petition!

Posted by LordOfRingz on 08/03/10 21:26

Alright LCG Players,

We've Seen The new LGC Site

But When I Was On SB PaperSpirit came up with Something Which Was True...Why not Add a Ranking under the Community Column...

i've created this petition to have rankings for our community on LGC Site Like if you look here

Why Do We need it?

We need it to see who's the best in each faction with the most kill(s) and with the highest Level(s) and which guild they represent.

When Will it be Updated to know whos on top?

Im thinking it should be updated at the end of each month? if everyone agrees with me

Now,If you have anymore question relating to the rankings or would like to add any features that would be great for the ranking post here or via msg me on my profile Here

PS:this would be a really great feature added on the site cause would let us know who's really PwNing in PvP and the person to cap LGCs lvl

So Do You Support Or not? Post you thoughts