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Join LeGenDaRY Guild

Posted by on 08/10/10 15:19

LeGenDaRY Thread LeGenDaRY Guild Site

Ranking(S) Petition!

Posted by on 08/03/10 21:26

Alright LCG Players, We've Seen The new LGC Site But When I Was On SB PaperSpirit came up with Something Which Was True...Why not Add a Ranking under the Community Column... i've created this petit...


Posted by on 07/23/10 17:37 - Updated on 08/03/10 19:32

Kev Has a Guild Teamspeak if any of you wish to use it for Gameplay or to just chat, feel free.Be Sure To Download Version2 not version3 teamspeak download site:Click HERE IP ADDRESS:

LGC OFFICIAL system Requirements

Posted by on 08/03/10 19:29 - Updated on 08/03/10 19:31

go HERE to go see =)

LegenDary Champions Site is Now OUT!

Posted by on 08/03/10 19:27

it looks Awesome Check it out http://legendarychampions.aeriagames.com/

There seems to be some confusion...(gmNekhra)

Posted by on 07/29/10 10:21

Even though this topic is actually explicitly explained in the Frequently Asked Questions Post, I think it isn't quite obvious enough to players. Character Classes, Champions and You! After you log ...

Join Legendarys Champions Group On Xfire

Posted by on 07/23/10 17:41 - Updated on 07/23/10 17:43

if you have got the chance to join the group on xfire please do so our mission is to have LGC accepted on Xfire so please join xfire download not required in oreder to join Legendary Group On Xfire