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Nicky's Event

Posted by muppet96 on 09/28/11 02:36 Event Date: 10/09/11 08:59

Hello, this is nick the random guy! I'm makin this exciting for the group. I'm hyper today and I want to be nice to someone, I don't know! Anyways, so anyone that can get to level 30, on Eden Eternal. Will get $40 worth of AP. YA FREAKING 40!! i'm so hyper right now, so don't think i'm joking. I'll get the ap as soon as i see some1 at level 30! xD this event starts 9/27/11 - 10/1/11 (takes 1 or 2 days but some people r slow or busy to play all day) Oh and u have to be lvl 30, no higher then that

To join the event you have to do 3 things.
1. Download Eden Eternal. duh! 2. After u enter the game, go on Aquamarine server. (or whatever its called)
3. Message me, and i'll see if u got to level 30 so no one thinks you cheated. As if they would when you think your pro ;3

P.S if muppet96 said i can't do this then i say I LOVE YOU SISTER :D and i'll beg! i mean it!!! :o