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New picture&Backround?

Posted by muppet96 on 09/03/11 08:55

As suggested by jaga11_12 it would be a good idea to have a change of background and picture but im not sure what everyone would want so i gave you a few choice's so just cross the box you want.Eg [x]

Bleach [ ]
One Piece [ ]
Vampire Knight [ ]
Pokemon [ ]
Vocaloid [ ]
Code geass [ ]
Death Note [ ]
Ouran host club [ ]
put your own suggestion on the line


Is there any main character you would want as the picture as the back ground full name on the line.

________________________________ or group picture ? [ ]

The name 'Anime Friends' will still be on the logo so please keep that in mind :)

Thanks for filling this in for me i will tally up the results if your little survey is not in by say the 13th September it will not count.