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New picture&Backround?

Posted by on 09/03/11 08:55

As suggested by jaga11_12 it would be a good idea to have a change of background and picture but im not sure what everyone would want so i gave you a few choice's so just cross the box you want.Eg [x]...

950 members?!

Posted by on 03/07/11 17:06

wow i never though this would happen i only made this group for fun and we are almost up to 100 lets keep it up guys gratz all wouldn't be the same with out you guys *hugs all the people*

OMG im having a baby?!!! =0

Posted by on 12/20/10 12:41

mumhaha did i get you ? \o\ nah im not really,so its coming up,what am i talking about? christmas! =D (yes i know im early but its better than never) so wishing you all a merry christmas what ever you...

heyo my little anime lover's /o/ =D

Posted by on 12/09/10 11:14

so u guys know im going to not be onlione for a while because of my internet being changed over (cant be wrose than this one -.-)so~ starting friday still monday maybe so till i get back im leaving mi...

happy halloween! \o\ /o/

Posted by on 10/30/10 05:02

hello~ my little zombie's,vampire's,ghost's this is a very important notice on a very serious matter....HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :DD what ever your doing even if you dont like it have a great halloween(if yo...

Mikey's birthday

Posted by on 10/21/10 12:39

Happy birthday Mikey!! its mikey's (hotguy76) birthday coming on the 1st november please join in,in spamming him with birthday messages :o cus i know i will.mikey youre best friend ^-^ (sorry to embra...

Thank you~~ =D

Posted by on 09/08/10 11:07

*pops up into everyones mail box* hey everyone just a thanks for being so devoted to the group and being polite and posting on the topic's.i never thought we would get too 101 member's which is pretty...

new anime's of 2010~!

Posted by on 07/23/10 15:30

hello o/ so happy summer of 2010 so we have some great new anime's out this year: *high school of the dead *shi ki *seikimatsu occult gakuin *kuro****suji 2 (black bulter) *sengoku basara 2 ...