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When my lil sis first saw riku she thought he was a girl

Posted by Datkidcam on 04/15/11 16:46 - Updated on 04/15/11 16:46
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Lol what would be different if riku was a girl then what would sora do O.O

    wat ur guys favorite boss battle in kingdom 2

    Posted by supertails202 on 03/31/11 00:32 - Updated on 03/31/11 00:32
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    I like the battle with Xigbar in "The World That Never Was" that battle was EPIC!!!!!!! ^-^

      KH stories

      Posted by munekoneko on 04/19/11 00:43 - Updated on 04/19/11 00:43
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      so does anybody keep up with the real story of KH?? :p cuz u know some people mix up a lot of silly stuff in the story. i mean the days epi and the recode epi are confusing me.

        Pancakes or Waffles?

        Posted by Datkidcam on 08/10/10 14:32 - Updated on 08/10/10 14:32
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        Pancakes all the way :)


          Posted by supertails202 on 03/31/11 00:08 - Updated on 03/31/11 00:08
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          =D finally a group about kingdom hearts!!!!! i always loved kingdom hearts games and manga books about them!!!!!!! i hav 1,2,358/2,chain of memories,and birth by sleep!!!!! i hope dis is a great group...

          Fav part of KH serie?

          Posted by zerixrot on 03/31/11 08:12
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          so then, shall you tell what is your... favorite kingdom hearts game? what part of serie? mine are: -KH2 -KH 358/2 Days yours?

            wat do u guys think the hardest boss in no. 2 is

            Posted by supertails202 on 03/31/11 00:50
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            i say sephiroph cause has max life and along ass sword that takes a portion of ur life away plus he does that move where he takes all of ur life except 1hp and takes away all of ur magic same 4 number...

            Kingdom Hearts is...

            Posted by Datkidcam on 09/24/10 14:01 - Updated on 09/24/10 14:01
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              Sora vs Roxas

              Posted by Datkidcam on 03/26/11 13:01
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              Who would win Sora vs Roxas

                Kingdom Hearts anime

                Posted by Datkidcam on 03/24/11 13:15 - Updated on 03/24/11 13:15
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                they should make a anime out of KH because i think itll make great views if peeps love the game they shuld watch the anime. i mean fo real wouldnt be awsom