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New Here!

Posted by on 07/24/12 02:32 - Updated on 07/24/12 02:32
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Helloooo :D I really like KH too so I joined this group, actually i'm looking for people who play DWO too :c btw My name is Nuno and I'm from Portugal, i'm 17 years old and my hobbies are to play so...

game golds sell!!!

Posted by baowei02 on 11/08/11 16:34 - Updated on 11/08/11 16:34
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    here's a fun activity to do!

    Posted by supertails202 on 08/20/11 23:39 - Updated on 08/20/11 23:39
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    Describe your own kind of form you would have if you had a keyblade, describe the colors your clothes will change into when you transform, how many keyblades you would hold, also show me pictures of w...


    Posted by Datkidcam on 06/17/11 15:22 - Updated on 06/17/11 15:22
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    Post hear if you cant wait for Kingdom Hearts 3! :l

      would you please help my group get started?

      Posted by rose.inuyasha on 04/26/11 17:39 - Updated on 04/26/11 17:39
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      hi i am now a member of 2 groups and my own created group, but im having trouble getting it started so can you pls help me out and join my group too..... im NOT saying you need to demember yourself fr...

      KH music

      Posted by munekoneko on 04/19/11 00:44 - Updated on 04/19/11 00:44
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      I know there are some Utada fans out there :D

        KH stories

        Posted by munekoneko on 04/19/11 00:43 - Updated on 04/19/11 00:43
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        so does anybody keep up with the real story of KH?? :p cuz u know some people mix up a lot of silly stuff in the story. i mean the days epi and the recode epi are confusing me.

          When my lil sis first saw riku she thought he was a girl

          Posted by Datkidcam on 04/15/11 16:46 - Updated on 04/15/11 16:46
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          Lol what would be different if riku was a girl then what would sora do O.O

            Fav part of KH serie?

            Posted by zerixrot on 03/31/11 08:12
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            so then, shall you tell what is your... favorite kingdom hearts game? what part of serie? mine are: -KH2 -KH 358/2 Days yours?

              wat do u guys think the hardest boss in no. 2 is

              Posted by supertails202 on 03/31/11 00:50
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              i say sephiroph cause has max life and along ass sword that takes a portion of ur life away plus he does that move where he takes all of ur life except 1hp and takes away all of ur magic same 4 number...