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here's a fun activity to do!

Posted by supertails202 on Sat Aug 20 23:39:02 2011 - Updated on Sat Aug 20 23:39:02 2011
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Describe your own kind of form you would have if you had a keyblade, describe the colors your clothes will change into when you transform, how many keyblades you would hold, also show me pictures of which keyblades you would hold if you could, tell me how you would run, glide, etc. or any other way of moving, also describe to me what type of clothes you would wear it could be any type of clothes like Vans, Element, Converse, Nike, etc. and also describe if u can use magic or not in your form and what powers you can do in your form, also don't forget how many friends you need to turn into that form, you can also add whatever else you want to make your form more powerful, and one more thing what would you name your form? So have fun being creative!