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KH Alterna :D

Posted by munekoneko
10/06/10 14:51

Character: Mune , um kairi's height, dark brown hair, ouroboros key blade strength of kb: 23m:16d:15... and umm lolita like clothes.

GAME SETTING: destiny islands when the Huuuge heartless pops up
me: oh no D:

KH Alterna :D

Posted by KuroNoExcrosist
10/06/10 19:27

char: Kei
5'4, long open (brownish) coat with black hair (like rikus but shorter) and orange eyes.
kblade- Archdaemon 12mag 18att (looks like short ritual knife) fast, and combined with all physical mag attacks

age- 14-ish
personality- the "negative nancy" type sarcastic and often makes fun of the organization 13s coats for not being as stylish as his.
setting- guarded keyblade graveyard and guided dying keyblade users to the world of light. When he saw aqua, ven and terra coming for the final battle in the keyblade graveyard he left realizing that terras armor would do his job for him. Traveled along the worlds until he comes across sora and tries to kill him. (motives unknown) and now travels with sora helping him on his quest.(and yet again trying to kill him and occasionally sides with the bad guys on his own personal business)

KH Alterna :D

Posted by supertails202
08/20/11 23:06

same hair as roxas but the color black,
i would have one eye red and the other blue,
and i'm serious most of the time,
i would wield keyblades in both of my hands,

this one in my right hand,

and this one in my left hand,
i'd be soras height
i would have a black T-shirt with a white T-shirt under it
with grey skinny jeans and black converse shoes
also the same necklace that sora has,

i would come to save your guys's butts after the part where u fight
oogie boogie when u guys are at the brink of death and i come in and break the machine and kill oogie boogie by throwing one of my keyblades at his fat stomach and then u guys thank me and we talk then u guys ask me to join your party and i say "sure why not"