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oh my...

Posted by on 07/19/12 02:47

I havent been on in a year.. is this place still running??? :D kh for life


Posted by on 04/01/11 14:47

wuts happening forum? i guess im the new umm... yea so :D post your awesome epicness of your fave KH stories and have fun with the posts. ... >w> anybody heard of KH3 yet hmmm?

Goodbye but still around

Posted by on 03/18/11 02:38

Hi every1 i making this announcement and i gotta say that i wont be the leader anymore i dont think i ready to lead a group so my good friend munekoneko is taking my place

Kingdom Hearts recruiting TIME!

Posted by on 10/05/10 19:42

Datty wanna get more memebers here girls and guys so lets help KH and get people to join and I'll help