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Our primary focus is on maintaining our social network of gamers, encouraging and supporting them to play online together. We host some of today's most popular games including Wolfenstein: Enemy Terr...


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The title pretty much speaks it all, people! This is a anime group! Feel free to join if you can't get enough of dem animes!


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... Meh.


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Everyone who doesn't hack is welcome. There are 3 rules: 1. Do not share the password with ANYONE outside this group. The reason for this is because we want to keep a track of our members and if non...


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♥ Feel free to join even if you're not a kpop lover! ♥ Anyways, here you can obsess and fangirl/fanboy about your favorite bands and idols~ Oh!! And I'll try to be updating you on the latest MV's ...


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Ava Egyptian And Arab Players


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We are gamers that have pledged to always play fair; never use hacks, modifications, cheats, or exploits; value our abilitiesto reach epic status through hard work, and skill. We have a commitment t...


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Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist... Like them, this place is as an eternal mystery... A never ending adventure! This is a group for role-playing and finding friends! ~Yuzuki Scarlet~


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Grupo criado para a interação dos membros da Guilda TortureSquaD - AK-PT.


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Original members from


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Whether you're new to the world of Grand Fantasia or a seasoned veteran who's conquered every boss a thousand times (in your sleep), feel free to join and show your love for GF!


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Furries of Aeria Games. Come on, I can't be the only one!


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"Gather around Ladies and Gentlemen" "Shall we play a game?"


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"not just only for strong sf players but, also for those who wants to be strong."


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Clan community


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Guild "DNA" The Mightiest of Mitochondria The Elements of Eternal Bond The Grooves with The Moves Guild "DNA"


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entre neste grupo o todos.


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este equipo es palos q les gusta vampire knight o para los q quiran,es para los q le gustan el anime romantico y tal ves si t gusta estas cosas unete t gustara.


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For all RotT fans :)