publicCreated 09/11/09200

This is a group for fans of our first Facebook application: Poker Heroes


publicCreated 10/08/091208

this clan is for making friends and watever


publicCreated 07/23/103115

hey so this is a fun anime group were you talk about anything you want ^^. meet friends,role play,anime,song's,dance's,or just be random.there is no limit's for what you can do well apa...


publicCreated 09/12/091093

This is the official group where you can find info and post discusions on things that are on your mind. Chat them up and have a fun time. We are mostly active and can answer any questions that you hav...


publicCreated 09/30/097636

The title pretty much speaks it all, people! This is a anime group! Feel free to join if you can't get enough of dem animes!


publicCreated 09/04/131715

Are you ready to enter the Aura Kingdom! This is the unofficial group for Aura Kingdom on Aeria. Currently it is undergoing a lot of work! Join to be notified about Aura Kingdom Events and News via pr...


publicCreated 09/29/12239

How does tactics not have a fanclub yet!?!?! Preposterous!!! I say, tactics is too awesome to not have a fanclub, so here it is, and if you're a member, you agree! Sig Image:


publicCreated 05/01/15483

Echo of Soul is a fantasy MMORPG where you can fight your way across 24 million square meters of landscape, enjoy over 1600 quests, and even more fantastic PvP and PvE content! Have a question or prob...


publicCreated 02/01/12608

join now Music Fan Anime games News Anime 2013 and a lot ! join If you want to know Everything about vocaloid


publicCreated 11/25/09650

Official community group of Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online! Also friends to fans of the other Megaten titles in the series including the Personas, Devil Summoners, and Digital Devil Saga to name a...


publicCreated 09/10/094498

This group is for all european ones and their friends. People around the world can join this group. Be a part of it!


publicCreated 09/16/0982

For all the Australians who use Aeria!


publicCreated 01/05/12836

Original members from


publicCreated 09/10/09396

If you love Shaiya, this is the group for you!


publicCreated 09/10/0990

This is a group that asks and answers questions about all aspects of shaiya if you have a question ask. if you know an answer answer.


publicCreated 09/28/0984

Yo, hey ppl who just join the clan. Theres not much to know about this clan, even tho its awesome, but mostly we just like to relax n be ourselves.(>-.)> Also most of the time I ...


publicCreated 09/11/0982

A group for fans of Lord of the Rings. Talk about the books/movies and anything else of that sort.


publicCreated 09/09/09721

Place for players to come and more freely post more off topic matters, without fear of any GM or Mod meddling with your post and moving it away! In game discussions are not off limits as well, so fee...


publicCreated 09/10/09178

This group come in help of those who encountered problems regarding almost everything , from games issues to players who hacks and use the games bugs for their own advantage . So if u have any probl...


publicCreated 09/11/0928

The panda rocks!