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-Welcome to the RoleplayingAnime aka RPA the Largest long lasting rp group on Aeria. This Group is run by the Council which hold the highest rank we. a short intro to the RPA world or worlds there a...


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we are friends who enjoy talking to each other I want to have fun and I know you all do too join us and we can have fun together I enjoy hearing about what you enjoy (O'.')--O


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The title pretty much speaks it all, people! This is a anime group! Feel free to join if you can't get enough of dem animes!


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United Active Roleplayers


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♥ Feel free to join even if you're not a kpop lover! ♥ Anyways, here you can obsess and fangirl/fanboy about your favorite bands and idols~ Oh!! And I'll try to be updating you on the latest MV's ...


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Tweeday is banned for no reason Unban Tweeday #Free Tweeday OldLiberty is a trash tryhard GM that kisses the GM's ass 24/7 also known as the kid that hacked on an ava pug and got teamviewed and found...


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This is the RPA zombie world.(Same rules apply here from the RPA)


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Welcome all, this is a new group for S4 league players since S4L has finally took a place on Aeria games, here we will have fun,help each other, enjoy our time. Mehh..Ritusko :)


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This Group is a free rp to do what ever you want without the RPA Council getting in the way


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This group is for everyone.Anyone that loves music,anime,manga, friends, etc,become part of the group. You can talk about anything and everything, dont be afraid to speak your mind.(Just dont be a tro...


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GS.Dragon fanclub


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The name kinda thinking about it now makes no sense because i love all animals Q~Q but i couldnt use animals that is why it is called Puppys o-o


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Tis ish where I pratice me siggies Chu can help with giving me advice and when I'm ready and get a good review (s) the People who helped me will get their PERSONAL siggy :D byy the one and only me :) ...


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This group is for manga and anime fans. I invite people, who don,t know anything about Japan bu they want to. ^^


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ZOMG WE LUV SCARLET BLADE!!! This is an unofficial community group for Scarlet Blade for all those Scarlet Blade fans! Here you'll find some quick links, a couple videos, and the official game sound t...


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Mag Pakarami tayo! Sali na kayo mga kaybigan! For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: Philippians 3:20


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We play on Sapphire server Ch1, looking for active and friendly members. Help the Gulid with doing guild quests and help other members. We mainly doing party dungeons together and help anyone. Contac...


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A group for all S4 League PS/Bat players to discuss, share experience, find trainings partners and friends. Our url


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dragon ball , miku , utau , todo sobre ellos ¡