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-Welcome to the RoleplayingAnime aka RPA the Largest long lasting rp group on Aeria. This Group is run by the Council which hold the highest rank we. a short intro to the RPA world or worlds there a...


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♥ Feel free to join even if you're not a kpop lover! ♥ Anyways, here you can obsess and fangirl/fanboy about your favorite bands and idols~ Oh!! And I'll try to be updating you on the latest MV's ...


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The title pretty much speaks it all, people! This is a anime group! Feel free to join if you can't get enough of dem animes!


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Fans of Pokemon [like me] are welcomed! We express our pokemon feels and answer Pokemon related questions.We can actually play a Pokemon game, I'll update you soon about it. We'll have fun here. :3 Fe...


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Join this clan and you will be granted great powers beyond your wildest imagination! Not really... Well, lets just have fun. Please join (unless you're a jerk-weed)!


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Aqii SoMos LatinOs


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Original members from


publicCreated 08/04/0987 wolfteam clan WePwnHard is the best of the best in the Aeriawolf.....I won't think and my clan(NeverQuit) is the best of the best....thank you


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Whether you're new to the world of Grand Fantasia or a seasoned veteran who's conquered every boss a thousand times (in your sleep), feel free to join and show your love for GF!


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hey so this is a fun anime group were you talk about anything you want ^^. meet friends,role play,anime,song's,dance's,or just be random.there is no limit's for what you can do well apa...


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Come to this group and you will be promted to officer. They can do anything!


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United Active Roleplayers


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Are you ready to enter the Aura Kingdom! This is the unofficial group for Aura Kingdom on Aeria. Currently it is undergoing a lot of work! Join to be notified about Aura Kingdom Events and News via pr...


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A group for all S4 League PS/Bat players to discuss, share experience, find trainings partners and friends. Our url


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Welcome To The MustacheioTeam x3 Thanks for 23 people :3 maybe my dream can come true.. we need ACTIVE people thank you! Touhou *.*


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Welcome to the clan of Phattness! If you're a phatty and would like to join, show me your Phattness!


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Join my group ok!


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AdeptAuthority - Trickshotting & Feeding. Welcome to the official steampage of AdeptAuthority. We are an trickshotting & feeding team founded be Ethylum & Devo. Be sure to checkout our Y...


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For players who wish to play among one another without hack or high ping (150+). To play a fubs game or enter a room (Danger Zone NA East Ch 6) you must enter the groups password.