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The title pretty much speaks it all, people! This is a anime group! Feel free to join if you can't get enough of dem animes!


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Echo of Soul is a fantasy MMORPG where you can fight your way across 24 million square meters of landscape, enjoy over 1600 quests, and even more fantastic PvP and PvE content! Have a question or prob...


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Are you ready to enter the Aura Kingdom! This is the unofficial group for Aura Kingdom on Aeria. Currently it is undergoing a lot of work! Join to be notified about Aura Kingdom Events and News via pr...


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Welcome to VampLove, where love thrives and we never give up while playing hard together.


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Feel free to join us here or in game - Aura Kingdom! ^_^


publicCreated 04/20/156

To help people learn what to do and how to enjoy it better. Will help give tips on what to do, and help when in a pickle. We will only do Aura kingdom in this team.


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Here GROUP banned cheater cheat off so that the order could not kick GROUP


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Welcome to Mocha~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Aura Kingdom guild on the sever Chimera :3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...


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Play Hard


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Whether you're new to the world of Grand Fantasia or a seasoned veteran who's conquered every boss a thousand times (in your sleep), feel free to join and show your love for GF!


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Original members from


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♥ Feel free to join even if you're not a kpop lover! ♥ Anyways, here you can obsess and fangirl/fanboy about your favorite bands and idols~ Oh!! And I'll try to be updating you on the latest MV's ...


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Welcome To The MustacheioTeam x3 Thanks for 23 people :3 maybe my dream can come true.. we need ACTIVE people thank you! Touhou *.*


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yohanklk1930 . .


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A guild from Aura Kingdom originated from Hydra Server. Formerly known as Virtuoso. Nexamity - The combination of the words Nexus and Amity. Nexus means the of the most important/ a connected group....


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For all RotT fans :)


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We are working to improve our musicians community, and make cloud based music collaboration and music sharing even easier, let us know if you have ideas and wishes, we will take care of it! Music crea...


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Es para fans de Angel Beats y para los q quieran serlo,es para los q le gusta este tipo de anime..


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Hiya hatsune miku members. I hope we can be a happy and active clan. So I know we can all be happy here. Types from Music_Luva and rungoo