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Isabetta's Heart

Fantasy Writing
The fog slowly lifted from over the surface of the lake as the morning light peeked through the trees branches which were as tall skeletons, robbed of their leaves. Though everything around her seem to be quite beautiful, something was missing..
She had Fallen for a dark prince, one she had no name of or really had met him. She only sees him in her dreams.
But were they really dreams? She often finds herself wondering, for they seemed to be so real. Nights of passion being in his embrace, the many times they danced in a dark room lit only by many candles, the sweet melody of the fiddles that sung her sweetest of lullabies..
The taste that lingers on her lips as the morning breaks makes her believe the nights she shared with this prince was very much real.. He told her in many of her dreams that she could never understand the reason he came to her..
Her beauty was enchanting as the sunset over the turquoise sea, her eyes like sapphires kissed by the sunlight in the early morning.. her hair as wild as the wind tossing her spiraled curls about her slender frame, her skin based like a sweet honey warmed by the embers of a hearth..

Many times in her dreams she vowed to be by his side for all eternity, but he would only leave her behind as the day breaks.. she couldnt understand why he only came to her dreams to see her and was growing frustrated desiring to be with him every moment..

Finally it came the eve, she decided to not sleep, she forced herself to remain awake, perhaps to force him to reveal himself to her in her awaken state.. she set out all the best of china she had, chalices of crystal wine of the sweetest grapes chilled on ice..
She wore her best corseted dress, one of a sheer crimson shade that bared her shoulders, layers upon layers danced around her long honey toned legs, about her neck she wore a crimson blood stone that hung on a string of silver,
she awaited for him all through the night he never showed himself to her.. the next morning she rested and decided that she will wait for him that night again.. the night fell once more as she rose from her sleep, she glanced around only finding herself alone.

this pattern became a habit for her, sleeping all day then waking for the night fall to see if he would show, a week passed and no prince to be found.. she found herself becoming over- whelmed with depression, now believing he was no more then just a dream.

The midnight hour fell while she sat beneath the paled moon which reflected over the waters of the lake, a strange fog rolled in one of a great thickness, the moisture kissed her flesh while dappling her hair, leaving it to sparkle in the moonlight that seemed to beam down over her, she heard a sigh as steps moved from behind her, she stood froze in spot..
who goes there? she asked awaiting an answer.
You already know who I am Isabetta, why havent you rested in the eve? He spoke with a baritone..
Finally he showed, she thought to herself beginning to turn and face him but she stops and lowers her head, perhaps scared of facing him ashamed by her impatience..

How can one rest when all they desire is to hold the one they love in their arms while they are awake? she questioned with a saddened tone..

Isabetta,He paused then continued in his words. you know I can only reveal who I am in your dreams, I could harm you in any other way.A sigh followed his answer, he remained afar from her yet his blue eyes seem to capture the moons life burning bright as they searched over her with a deep desire and passion..
She turned now being face to face with the one who stole her heart.. there he stood, ebony tresses that seem to sweep his shoulders, eyes that glowed with a strange ember like one that flickered over a hickory log that hadnt fully dried.. his appearance much different then from what she could remember in her dreams.. yet it was the same Dark prince..

He stood there like a tower perfect and straight, his locks dancing off his shoulders as the winds exhaled, his ebony cloak rippled and bellowed behind him.. in his hand he held a rose which he tossed to her feet, Isabetta, my sweet Isabetta..was his only words for that moment..

She tried to move to him as the rose fell at her feet. He then spoke in a much different tone one that seemed dominant, No Isabetta! You must not approach me..tears now fill his eyes as he hurts to be so firm with her..
.She couldnt understand why he would deny her and become hurt, he only turned away then walked off into the fog vanishing from sight, she broke down in tears falling to her knees, her slender hands covered over her eyes, tears danced on her ebony lashes till they fell from the thick long curled lashes, only to trail down her cheeks..
The rose that laid at her feet now drawing her attention, the petals of this perfect bud spread open before her very eyes, it seemed the flower shed tears of crimson saturating the ground around the bud that fell at her feet,
His voice now coming from out of the fog sweeping across the night with the wind that carries his words,
Isabetta, what you dont understand its hard to explain what I am, you are not like me, your days are fewer then mine for I have already lived many centuries. His voice seemed to be as a warm breath expelled to her, bringing a pleasured sensation over her, a calming to wipe away her tears from her cheeks.. He then continues, Those things you do not understand is done for your protection so I may never hurt you my dear Isabetta, I do not wish to pass this curse I carry on myself to you.

Isabetta so confused by the things he tells her lowers her hand down only to grasp the rose that bleeds with her slender fingers.. a small thorn pricks her finger while a small drop of her blood falls to the ground, the smell so intoxicating to him drives him to hunger, but he fights his desires, moving away from the winds which bring her scent to his nostrils. He watches her shrouded by the fog of the night remaining unseen to her..
She then realizes what he isnt telling her, and frowns lowering her head. She then rises to her feet, tossing the rose back in his direction, it falls at his feet, her eyes filled with tears and disappointment, she turns walking through the fog of the night leaving him there alone.
Her voice travels on the wings of the breeze, “You judge my heart wrong, thinking I wouldnt understand, you never even gave me a chance to decide what I desired. Many nights I laid awake waiting for you, just to hold you tight, only to be in your embrace, kiss your sweet lips. The choice should be mine not yours what I desire for this empty life of mine. Why not take me away from a world so cruel and filled with death and hate? Your selfish my Dark prince and for this you will lose me.

As her voice fades in the night just as her enchanting form he then realized he let the one thing he had searched for all his life to have slip from his grasp, he called out to her only to receive no response.. he searched through the fog for her not even picking up her scent. A great sadness filled him..

(Second Half of Isabetta )

Time passed by like the golden sands through an hour glass, Seasons came and left now finding Autumn Had found its place once more.
The cool morning air crisp chilled her face bringing a slight pinkish blush simular to the soft essence of a spring ventage in a chilled chalice.
She watched the leaves dance through the fingers of the wind across her porch. Not to far off in the distance he stood out of view to the human eye. He never forgotten her. He oathed to always watch over her and to rescue her from any harm that may accur. A promise he gave to himself. his firm lips tightly closed together as his eyes never once blinked. The hood of his cloak draped low over his brow line hiding his face from Man. The tear that fell from his eye streamed down the fine line of his masculant face.
He spoke to himself which seemed like he was yelling out loud.
"My Sweet Isabetta,
I never forgot you though you seem to have finally forced my memory away. How I long to hold you just once more in my arms."
A sigh escaped through his lips as his eyes lowered now casted upon the ground which he stood upon.
The Love they shared flashing images in his mind, their naked forms pressed together and tangled within the sheets as silhouettes caused by dancing embers danced on the walls. he could almost smell her purity be taken all over once more. Though he forgot the price of the love they shared.

Just when his words finished she stopped herself from the rocking in her chair. her thin hands grasped the arms of the chair tightly as her eyes watered with sorrow. She heard his thoughts. the consiquence of the passion they shared now coming to surface. His voice dampening her very soul with the warmth of love all over again. She then spoke these words still unsure where he was or his distance. her reply like the singing chimes blown in a soft cool breeze,

"I never forgotten you. I never let you go. You ran from me and swore your memory would be no more. Though time has passed and seasons have come and gone My love has only grown like the depths of the angry ocean. "
she paused a moment as her thin fingers pushed a renegade tear that slid down her face.
"Now I ask you this, If our love was not to be and our life meant to be united as one then how can a human as I still carry the love I found for you Vampiric one?'

She had always known deep within herself his race but never knew its meaning, many years passed and days of study led her to her unanswered questions.

Now shocked by such a responce his mouth dropped open his eyes lifted and locked onto her form. he grasped the trunk of the thin tree which he leaned beside of. the fight within him to rush and embrace her now on. He had to be strong and fight his desire to go to her because he knew he would give in and bare his curse upon her.

a moment of pause which really was hours passed bye her disappointment only becoming stronger. She gave up once more and lifted from her seat. with a graceful turn she headed back into her home while whispering, "I guess it was only the wind I heard after all."
That pierced him like a sharpened blade being plunged directly into his heart. he turned and vanished into the forest once more.

Her years still in her youth, yet she had questioned why does she hang on to something she obviously can not have.

She decided it was finally time to let him go and begin her life of growing old with someone else but who she wondered.
As the night fell over the land a storm began to brew, winds tossed the branches of trees wildly as thunder rolled and clouds swept thick over the night sky giving an ashy grey shadow over a ebony canvas.

the rains now began as waters rose flooding and forming puddles. the Carriage in the distance rushing through the forest racing the storm. its tall thin wheels sending mud in all directions to splash against stone and trees. the horses neighing as the lightening flashed fingering across the sky like the skeletal hand. the driver snapped back on the reigns as he haulted them to a stop infront of her cottage.
Inside the carriage sat Immanual another vishes and cruel Vampire from a different bloodline. One more evil then all. Sadistic enough to take what he wanted even if he was refused. a smirk formed as his dark eyes locked on Isabettas door. the carriage door opened.
Isabetta peeked out through her slightly parted curtains.
She smiled because she had known it was Immanuel. this one she didnt know was Vampiric. He was deceitful and careful to not let on what he wanted and what he was. though this time he came to request the opportunity to court her.
She opened her door, her thin white garmets pressed against her flesh like twisted ribbon from the breath of the wind rushing against her, her locks danced in the wnd while her scent carried in the breeze.
Vlad not to far off picked up her scent and the strange unfamilar scent as well. he could smell him. He could tell he was not human that he was of his own kind. his eyes flickered like wild fire. he pushed through thr forest towards her home.
Immanual carried himself so arrogantly yet it a cheerful stride. "IsssaBeatta" he spoke with such a thick Romanian accent that only drawed out her name. "You are such a sight for these old eyes. such beauty should not be kept locked away in such a tiny place."

Charmed she was as she slightly nodded and held firm her lips from curving into a smile, yet her eyes showed her flattered ego.

"Good Eve Immanuel what brings you out in such a dreadful eve? Is something wrong? News of the storm becoming worse then suspected perhaps?"
her hand grasped the framing in the doorway as the wind conitinued to push her twisted garmet against her pale flesh.

Now Vlad moving in closer along the side of the house. the direction of the wind pushing his scent away so he was undectable. he eased along the walling of the outside as his sharp hearing took in every word of the twos conversation.

With a arrogant laugh he shook his head and pushed back his silver locks which teased his face, "No my dear Isssabeatta, I come for a much more meaningful reason."
He smiled as he stepped closer to her now staring into her eyes. his heavenly blues only piercing the depths of her soul as his words slurred in a Romanianic Draw. "Issa I come to ask permission for your company over dinner tomorrow eve. I will have a coach come to escort you back to my castle." he then smirked as his fingers lifted to trace her jawline. "And I will not accept any refusal."

Now Isabetta being one who is strong willed and gutsy stepped back before his long fingers could fully trace the jaw. she nodded and responded,
"If I refused you there would be nothing you could do about it Sir Immanuel. Though I will gladly come for an evening of companionship. It gets lonely here sometimes and very few come to visit Im sure you are already aware of that."
Vlad growled as his fangs pushed through his gums now extracting. He knew what Immanuel had plans for and he was shocked that Issabetta excepted. his mind screaming out to her "no dont do this Isa he is a murderer!"

Isabetta shrugged off the whispers that flled her mind. as she watched Immanuel tip his hat and turn back towards the carriage. "Very well my sweet Isssabeatta it will be just passed the break of dusk." he stepped into his carriage and the door closed, while the wheels of the carriage whined while horses dashed off into the night. Isabetta pulled her shaw closer around her. she then spoke the words ito the direction of her loved one, "You gave up on me so I will do as i wish. I have the right to have a life if you will not give me the one I desired."

(the Beginning of part three )

The battle for love

Just as the night fell, the carriage rode up just as timely as expected. Isabetta heard the horses neigh as the driver pulled back on the reigns demanding them to stop.
Isabetta knew deep in her heart that this was not what she wanted but her beloved rejected her through her eyes. SHe fixed the ribbon about her satin colbalt gown which desended about her ankles, the back of the gown forming a low "U" exposing most of her back. though her rich ebony spirals covered her paled flesh.
Once she exited and approached the carriage the guard opened the door, his face hidden by the hood of his brown tathered cloak.

She stepped into the coach as the wind whispered through the bare branches of the surrounding trees, such an odd howl was like a warning to her or a plead for her not to go. she shrugged her shoulders and pulled the throw beside her on the seat over her legs. a slight move forward as the carriage jerked forward taking off into the night.

The forest only seem to grow even more dark as they crossed the pass of the borderline. she glanced out through the small window seeing how the trees seem to embrace eachother over head in a twisted arch. mud slung about as the wheels spun through the puddles.
up ahead a set of thick barred gates opened with a whining screach. huge woves almost seeming unnatural stood on bothsides of the entrance bound in heavy chains. their eyes filled of a crimson hue piercing through the carriage as they smelled the pure one. their fangs dripped of saliva as their fur stood up. a growl rattled the windows of the carriage as they passed through the gates.
she gasped as one jumped towards the passing coach while the guard lashed his whip acoss his face. blood curling yelps and howls were left behind as the gates closed behind them. the ground saturated with a crimson hue, tainted by flesh and bones. food for the beasts of the night.
the crushing sound of bones as the carriage rode over them only made Isabetta sickened to her stomach. she then called out to the guard, "what is this place!? where is Immanuel?" Get me out of this wicked place!"

just then up ahead the laterns glowed bright the castle now coming into perfect view. there it stood so tall. so Dark, so evil. huge statues of the same beasts at the gates stood on the pathway, what they called the children of the moon she called them cursed dogs.

the doors of the castle swung open slamming against the stoned walls while the driver stepped off from the coach and opened the carriages door.
just as she began to step off the coach an out stretched hand extended to grasp hers. Her heavenly blues gazed up to meet the eyes of Immanuel. there he stood in his best robing his hair pulled back into a pony tail. his lips kida twisted crooked while he smirked keeping his fangs hidden . She took his hand and watched her foot hit safely to the ground. "How can you live in such a dreadful place." she shook her head ansd sighed.

He chuckled hearing her question, "Isssabeeetta, I take it as you are not pleased with my quarters?" he then smirked turning while still embracing her hand entering into the castle. Now the castle was simply breath taking. she had never seen such beauty. the walls as white as an untouched snow while soft blue satin curtains ribboned down towards the coblestone floors. Crystal chandeliers hung over head as the tapestry Ivory candles never seem to drip though their embers danced wildly sending off a beautiful golden glow. the fragrance of velvet and roses filled the room.
Everything in the right place and perfected art hung on the walls through out the whole room. Vases filed with baby's breath and the Silver roses.
She glanced to Vlad as he returned her gaze with an arched brow.

"The inside is Paradise while the outside is hellish" she then blushed at her own words and lowered her gaze ashamed.

He smiled and spoke to her while leaning close into her, his cold breath danced over her paled nape while his words seem to sing in her ear in a soft mesmerising tone, "mmmm Isabeeta come let me show you the ball room."
swept away by his alluring tone her eyes closed as she slightly panted, her flesh trembled with passion. as if she was spellbound. she couldnt even remember the steps as they appeared in the gold room. everything looked like polished gold. the curtains however being a descending Silver tied back perfectly even.
the music composed in ballet while they spun almost floating across the floor. he pulled her into his tight embrace while he whispered a soft melody in her ear. she felt drunken with firery passion to his poetic words.
His fanges now extending as her bared paled neck became exposed in a whirling turn. his mouth moving close o her flesh ready to pierce the fine vein and taste her youthful nector.
Suddenly the doors flew open shattering against the walls as guards rushed across the floor calling for their master. his embrace released Isabetta leaving her in a drunkard stumble back till she caught composure.
the guards shouted fearfully, "Master! Master! there is intruders. Our men our battling to keep them out but I dont think we can hold them off much longer!"
Immanuel rushed across the floor moving to the balcony to see what has dared to interupt his home. He could see the wolves and men battling against his own men and beasts of the night. he turned to the guards and growled, "Vlad has come you fools! take the girl and put her below I will deal with him myself!" the guards snatched and drug Isabetta off as she kicked and screamed, "NO release me now!" she then realized he truely did love her. she had been wrong thinking he gave up. tears streamed her face as the guards slung her in a cage like cell in the winery.

she grasped the bars as they locked the cell and dashed up stairs to their masters side. she could hear the howls of agnony and guards falling to their death as swords clashed against eachother. she weeped as she moved to the window. she knew she could speak to Vlad through her mind. she caught a breath and focused on the winds,
"Vlad I am here, I am safe my beloved. they have me imprisoned below."
No repsonce returned as the screams continued and the battles proceeded.
Men fell to the ground losing thier immortal lives, as the forms of wolves now vanished like spirits once they lost their own life.

then just as she began to weep once more in fear for her loved ones life a whisper in the wind spoke to her soul,
"Isabetta, Isabetta.. you must tell me where you are."
She stood up and grasped the bars tightly as a shadow moved over the cell floor behindf her. she screamed as it poushed her into the bars, she couldnt move. it was Immanuel. he knew this would be his only chance to taste her before his life would be destroyed. his fangs bared as he quickly swept his mouth over her neck while holding her in place. she faught and squirmed, screaming as he yanked her hair pulling her head back.
LOoud crashing sound near by as glass was slung throughout the room sending its shards in all directions as his form materialized not to far from Isabetta and Immanuel. his anger filled eyes now as black as a starless night.
Immanuel and Vlad's eyes locked onto eachother. Vlad held her thick locks tightly as he then smirked at Immanuel, before he could even flentch Vlad rushed forward like a flash of lightening towards them, though it was to late, Vlad saw his swift moves and thrusted his fangs neep within Isabettas neck. she squilled loud as she squirmed to pull away. her warm youth now pooling into vlads mouth as he began to drink of her youthful nector.

his fangs then released just as Vlad ripped through the bars grasping his throat. his power so in human picked Immanuel up and slung him across the cell slamming into the concrete wall, Isabetta dropped like a rock to the floor, her eyes glazed over as she gasped. blood tricklng down the side of her neck as her life as she known it slowly ended. her heart now slowed till non existent.
Vlad became so inraged he ripped the throat out of Immanuel with one hand as his other punched through his chest, his fingers tightened around his heart in a tight grasp. with a violent yank he ripped his heart out and slung it into the floor, leaving his form to fall
and transform into a pile of Ash.
Vlad's heart broke seeing his sweet beloved on the floor as her own blood spilled over the floor. he dropped to his knees and lifted her head with a hand pressed to the back of her head, her spirals threaded through his fingers.
"No My Isabetta plkease reject this curse!" he squalled as he rocked her lifeless form pressing her against his chest. tears of crimnson fell from his black eyes.
Once her night approaches to be awaken to a souless life he knew that she will become of the same curse but now they will be enemies in bloodline. he is faced with the decision of having to destroy his only true love.

he picked her lifeless form up and carried her out of the cell disappearing into the night. He had to hide her from enemies till the night she is to awaken.

Off in the depths of the dark forest hidden away, Her eyes opened as she gasped for air, she pushed away the tainted soil which covered her form to preserve her flawless pale flesh. she sat up and glanced around through a much different set of eyes, now portrasying a golden honey hue which flickered like the sun kissed them in the early morning leaving a never resting shimmering glow. She could smell the wildest beats of the forest which were completely on the other side of the darkened forest. she could hear the wind whisper through the early spring leaves. the rats scampered across the cave floor around her while she sat listening to their pitter pattering feet scrape the ground. She couldnt stand the sounds amplying in her head. it was almost torture to her. she rose from her seated position and stumbled through the cave as the hunger set in. she began to tremble unsure of this strange craving. she searched throughout the cave frantically, and staggering around. She then focused ofn the sounds and smells around her. her gums ached as she moved closer down through the dark cave. She began to sweat and tremble from this strange hunger. The smell of blood yet not spilled filled her nostrils, she could smell every creatures essence. Unable to control her list for blood no more she reached out snatching a rat from its burrow while her fangs extracted. without any further delay she poierced them through the rats neck draining his every bit of essence. she tossed him to the floor as if it was nthing while she moved through the cave. Her hunger still not satisfied she wandered towards the mouth of the cave to exit. She then heard a whispering voice. She could smell him as if he was right beside her.
"You are hungry my Isabetta but this cave sustains no food for your kind. you will never be satisfied even when you taste the blood of what you desire. your hunger will only grow and you will never rest." He paused his words a moment as he stepped now into view, his hands pulled back the hood of his cloak as his eyes pierced through hers," And this is the life you desired with me." He frowned at his own words remembering how she only wanted her life to be with him for all eternity now they are enemies through the bloodline.

Her eyes adjusted and focused on his every move. she hissed and stepped back. it was like friction between to magnets being forced to collide into eachother. to great and unbareable, almost painful. She remembered the love she had but her heart now cold.
He sighed and lowered his head as his swift hand pulled a dagger from under his cloak. " Im such a fool, I should have given in and gave you your wish. now look what has become of all this. Im so sorry Isabetta." He stepped forward with his dagger held tight within his grasp. "Im truely sorry for letting you believe I didnt love you enough to give you the one thing you wanted. Im sorry I am a foe to your kindred."
Her eyes widened as she moved back now placed against the wall. She feared what he would do for she was to weak from her hunger to fight him. she surely would lose. she couldnt even run away for the darkness hadnt come and the sun had only just risen.
While he moved in now so close she couldnt even move at all. his chest pressed against hers. he then took the dagger and slid its blade aross the side of his neck creating a scratch. his rich royal blood surfaced his flesh as he then dropped the dagger, "Feed Isabetta" his eyes teared not for pain of the small wound but for the love he felt and seeing his one true love now before his eyes filled with bitterness and cold.

Isabetta unable to control her hunger then pressed her moistened lips against the flesh as her tongue danced over the small wound. her fangs now finally pushed through the gums with a slight painful rip sank within the wounds opening..
the blood pooled into her warm wet mouth filling with the sweet ancient nector which flowed thro his veins. she drank till her fullness came. his eyes closed as he inhaled her scent. the tears only streaming his cheeks. "My Isabetta, I havent the heart to destroy what I truely love. Take all of me even if I should die to feed your hunger."

She pulled her mouth from his neck as her fangs then retracted. her heart raced wildly at his wordss as she stared at him. He opened his eyes and gazed into hers, "I will always love you My sweet Isabetta."
She shook her head and slid her back along the damp cave wall now moving away from him. she then turned and glanced down at the dagger on the floor. she stared back at him a moment in thought, then spoke for the first time. her voice a sweet as a morning cool breeze on a spring day. Almost as chimey like the dancing symbols which hung in trees to catch the embracing fingers of the wind.
"I remeber the love I have for you. I remember how I would have given my own soul to be with you for all Eternity." her eyes teared as her heart began to ache, "I remember begging you for you to take me, and you rejected me."
she then felt the bitter anger surface within her but her heart now torn on what she is to do. She couldnt kill him even though by Kindred rules they are enemies. she then dashed off swiftly moving through the cave in a shadowed blurr. she had to get away from him or she would have to destroy him. she screamed out, "Go Vlad I cant kill you because I still am Inlove with you!"
He tuirned in the direction of her voice while his tears no longer cvould be contained. his form then vanished.

Seasons came and left as the children of the night grew in numbers. Now she had become so powerful within the realmns of her Kindred she was lookedupon as an Empress and was treated as so. She had gained many servants and her army was massive.
Though through all the Glory she had gained her heart felt broken even after the many years that had passed. She had no idea where he was or even if he still lived. She sat outside beneith the Star filled sky, gazing over to the moon peeking through some thin thin clouds which seemed to swirl around it as if it was a ribbon unraveled.
her mind wandered to a snow setting, the snow so white that it was almost blinding when the sun shined down over it. the top shimmered like diamonds but never melted. the tiny flakes that continued to dance descending from the heavens above kissed her spirals and stayed in place where they fell to rest. her cheeks pinkened from the cold as her heavenly blues gazed afar looking for him to come. a Rose fell from no where landing in her lap as she glanced down she could feel him now closing in behind her.
his warm breath softly caressing her nape. he pressed his lips to the side of her neck then whispered her name.

She didnt want to wake from this dream she had in her mind. she held on to every perfected detail, every touch, every word spoken. how he picked her up in a sweep and spun around holding her into his chest. how her long ebony spirals danced with the fingers of the wind.
He had captured her heart from so long ago, now even sworn enemies she couldn't let him go. she then opened her eyes as she heard rustling behind her. she rose to her feet and slowly turned. her dark cloak twisted and danced back into place with her ever so gracefiul moves.
It was only a guard checking on her, she waved to him in signal that all was well. she watched his form fade away in the forest. One last glance back towards the moon she then lowered her gaze and whispered to the wind, "I know you can no longer hear me because our bond was severed, but I still love you, I still want you. I wish I would have never left that night. If only I would have listened to my heart." she then turned and walked back towards the palace. little did she know not to far away in the darkest of all shadows he watched her. he heard her words and smiled. he couldnt respond because he knew that she would try and find him. it wasnt time yet.
The battle was close. They would fight in time but not on this night.
his only fear that he would have to end her life. then he would never be able to have her at all. he wouldnt even be able to hold her, touch her, smell her. atleast watching over her like he had always done he had the oppertunity to see her thoughts, touch her mind and smell her sweet scent. he was satisfied with that much, though sworn to be enemies. He loved her unconditionally.

The Dusk had fell Earlier as the small village on the mountains side prepared for a festive eve. totally clueless what would come for them they gathered in the heart of the village to celebrate the harvesting moon. Their season had come for their prosperity of the land. They celebrated with dancing, music, and food. Little did they know they would become food themselves to the children of the night. Their hunger only grew as they remained in the shadows awaiting the perfect moment to rush into the village. "Empress Isabetta" watched her warriors and the villagers, a dark smirk formed while her crimson lips pulled back tightly giving a slight peek of the tips if her fangs which dragged over the lower lip.
She whispered to her warriors, "None can survive do not leave them cursed. drain them completely for we do not want them to awaken in our embrace."
The warriors nodded understanding. cloaked warriors moved though the shadows positioning awaiting her signal, they moved in perfected sequence even to the way their long hooded cloaks danced in the slight breeze about their ankles.
They had to feed to gain their power for the war to come against VLad's Army. It was time. This saddened her but there was no other way. both Kindred lines had grown to large and quite powerful. only one group could be dominate over the land so one must fall.
It was the way of the vampiric ones.
Just as the music began and the villagers started in their celebration Isabetta lifted her hand then swiftly swiped downward and nodded, the warriors moved like a blurr into the village, their swiftness was like a shadow sweeping over the village choking out all light. the lanterns hung on the poles danced from the wind of the vampiric ones choking the embers of the lanterns out. tables over turned as crashing sounds were heard along with the screams of the pure ones. blood fell to the ground as the vampires moved from victem to victem, one by one their lifeless bodies fell as the vampires went on a blood lust frenzy.
the screams filled the night as Vlad listened to the wind carrying their cries to his ears. his eyes teared because he knew the moment was to come now. they had fed on the innocent to gain their strength for war. He lowered his hood as his curls ounced freely and landed on his broad shoulders. he whispered to the winds "Oh Isabetta what have you done. you have left me no choice now. you had begun the battle." he frowned and urned walking back into his castle. servant and slaves moved to him swiftly pulling his cloak from him and handing him a chalice of blood wine. without a word spoken his hand grasped the chin of one of his female servant. he softly smiled and swept his hand along her cheek bone. "Thank you my dearest pet. go to the men and tell them its time to prepare."
He then entered his chambers allowing the door to close using telekenisis. the servant then rushed down the coradore moving to the main foyer to warn the others to prepare.
He sat at his desk as he pulled a small chained pocket watch from his vest. he glanced down as he clicked open the lock. inside held picture of his beloved Isabetta.
A slight pause then a silenced sigh escaped his lips as his thumb caressed the image of her. "I love you so much but now I will have no choice but to destroy you."
Suddenly his office door blew open with a slam as the candles flickered. their in the doorway stood a young gypsy girl. her long raven hair settled at her hips as her eyes locked to him. "Vlad, you know me not but i have come to tell you the prophecy given to me.'
she was a sorceress of time. how she got passed the guards he questioned but kept silent and nodded. two guards moved in swiftly one on each side of her. they reached out to capture her but VBlad waved his hand in dismissal. they stopped and stepped back to the door. "Leave her be she is no threat." he then turned his attention back on her. "I know who you are Juliana. I see your youth has remained well. Please take a seat and tell me what you have seen."
Julian (the Gypsy) then sat down in the seat across from his desk. her coined attire clapped together as she composed herself and crossed her right leg just over her left knee. her hands rested in a fold as her fingers entangled and locked together. she lowered her head as a frown formed.
"You can still have her you know, it doesnt have to end the way the prophecy speaks, all future can change by choice." her eyes then lifted to meet with his puzzled gaze.
"Tell me sorceress, how can I have her when we are blood enemies by the kindred line? its not possable there is no other way." He then lowered his gaze back to Isabetta's image held within his pocket watch. "I would give my very soul, and Kingdom to have her as mine but the curse of the bloodlines will not allow this. I would be killed by the great ones council and rather quickly."
She then sighed and settled her composure leaning back into her chair.
"Vlad their is a way to bring the two blood lines together but it will take a war against the Moon beasts. Let them come to the land and release them to the night. years many of both bloodlines will be lost but the two kindred will have no choice to unite against them to survive."
The moon race was quite powerful and were captured and divided over different territories to keep them under control. for their power was very dominating over the vampiric ones. She then continued as she pulled a small bag from her cloaks pocket.
"Let the Lycans come, they will never know its a ploy to bring a unity between the vampiric kindreds."
she opened the small bag which was tied by leather binding. she then dumped the golden sand on the desk top. her left hand then swept over the pile of glittering sands as her eyes now turned to enchanting sapphire flickering like diamonds in the bright morning light. the sands begin to flow through her fingers like sands of an hour glass only to fall in dancing swirls like tiny vortexs over the table top.
"this is what your war will bring" she spoke softly as the tiny images formed within the dancing swirling sands, inner sands formed images of both kindreds battling against one another. the queen clearly being formed like the chess piece as the king as well rose up on the oppiste side. the piece known as a knight would be formed from the sands, tiny but great in numbers formed. as her eyes flicked the sands selttled while the chess pieces moved over the table top, and with a loud rushing sound the pieces then collided into eachother blasting the sands in all directions, the crashing pieces bursted into swirling waves of sand falling to the table top. one piece left from the images shown by the sands remained still. It was the King piece. left alone with nothing around him. she then stared into Vlads eyes.
"it will be the end of both kindreds if you do not union as one"

His eyes filled with both pain and pearlized tears for he knew what she spoke was true. Even if he stood victorious he would lose all. he would lose the greatest of all he treasured. His Isabetta. Though he thought a moemnet of the optons he had he then sat back in his seat and sighed heavily, his hands began to tremble.
"Prophit, I cant call the Lycans in the end must come or all humanity will slowly die. there will be a famine to our kind if we unite. there is no other way. I must destroy her kindred."
She the rose from her seat and tuened to walk away. "Then both blood lines will be destroyed, this is sad. to much death." Her form then faded and vanished as a gentle breeze pushed the shadow of her once present form into the night.

Isabetta returned to her palace with her warriors then entered her chambers, her lips stained with the crimson tent of her victems innocent blood.
She grasped a chrystal chalice and a bottle of Egyptian Aged wine. she stared at the night sky as she poured her glass. the curtains which framed her terrace danced as the wind rushed through. the chrystal chalice slipped from the capturing fingers which held its base. wine spilled over the floor as the chalice bounced then burst into shards scattering over the floor. the wind which rushed in then spoun violently into a flickering vortex. the form of the prophit which spoke to Vlad now present before her. the Gypsy stared eye to eye with Isabetta while her form fully took shape.
she then stepped forward.
"Isabetta! you must hear me por your race and the one you love will surely die. dont deny me I hold the future to reveal to you."
Isabetta hissed as the sorceress glared and demanded from her. her steps swiftly backing away and turning to move towards her chambers double doors. Juliana Insisted,
"Isabetta wait! please if you love Vlad you will hear what I have to say. your bloodlines must unite!"
Isabetts steps then stopped. you could have heard a pin drop. the silence was quite heavy. the turn of Isabetta's head bringing her gave back towards the sorceress.
"Why are you bothered by the war of two vampiric Kindreds? you are of the mage Kindred. This war has nothing to do with your race at all.
Julian then lowered her gaze to the floor. "I am not only of the Mage kindred I am a half breed. two bloodlines run through my veins. I am both kindred Vampiric and Mage.
My mother was once the love of one called Immanuel. he was my father."
Her eyes then lifted and locked to Isabetta almost ashamed by her mixed breed of bloodlines. "I fell inlove with one of Vlad's warriors and I have to save both kindreds to keep my love safe and my family's bloodline unharmed. so what a better way then to bring the two together as one strong unity."
Isabetta's eyes widened at the young prophets story. she nodded in understanding. "I see, then you understand my heart as well. yet there is nothing I can do."
The young gypsy frowned, "yes there is but it will take the work of two greater evils."
Isabetta tilted her head slightly and spoke reluctant,"Go on.. I am listening"
Juliana then spoke once more, "I need the ash of my father and you to release the hounds of Hard over the land. only one of the two kindreds have power to release them, yet this will cause an uproar. a war against vampire and lycan. the two kindreds will have no choice but to unite with eachother for the Lycans will quickly dominate if they do not. My father will also side with the lycans and lead them into the valley of blood. The hills of the valley is tainted but its an advantage for both races. there the sun never rises nor the night rests."
Isabetta then lowered her eyes in thought staring at the wine spilled on the floor. the color of blood staining her hard wood floor. she thought of the bloodshed that will come from this, but then she thought of her beloved Vlad. Oh how she wanted so bad to see him once more. she would cause a war just to stare into his eyes once more even if it meant she would lose her own life in doing so.
She then nodded, "I will get you the ashes of your father and make my way to the gates for the children of the moon. I will set them free but will I survive?"

Juliana then slid her hand into her pocket and grasped a small chain which held a symbolic charm. a small round emblem of the lycan howling at the moon. she tossed it to Isabetta, "where this over your cloak. the emblem facing towards the moon light just as you open the gates. they can not touch you for the powers of the amulet will make them weak within your presence. they will cower till you vanish but be fast for the moon only will cast its glow for a swift moment. enough time for you to disappear from sight."
Isabettas hand lifted as her fingers caught the chain, the chain raveled around them as the amulet then fell to rest in her grasp. she then stared at the amulet and turned to her desk. the drawer opened as her mind played control by force. the small box then rose from the drawer and settled on the desk top.
"There is your fathers ash, take it and go resurrect him. you will need my blood to do so. inside the box is two small viles of my essence. Keep that man from me though or i will kill you both."
she then glared at the Gypsy prophet as she grasped the box. Juliana could unerstand her hatred for her father and said nothing. she then vanished with her fathers remains.

The third sunset had began to fall as Juliana crossed the mountain side which led into the village where her father would then be resurrected. The time was close. She had only a short time to raise him from deaths grip and persuade him to release the hellish hounds over the land, her only lever was to convence him of a lie, to make him believe Isabetta had crossed the rules which were set by the Vampire Gods.
In doing so she would have to be punished and only the hellish beasts could do this. The law was vampire must be destroyed by Wolves if they betray their coven.
Julian entered the castle moving through the foyer with such a graceful step. her hands slowly lifted to allow her fingers to hook the edges of her hood, with a slight tap the hood fell across her mid back while her long raven hair bounced freely. her honey brown gaze sparkled as she then pulled out the viles and tiny box. She whispered, "Father its time to reign once more. Bring forth all the powers of Hard."
the small room she entered was filled with crimson candles, the embers being of a strange hue of sea foam green. a pentagram drawn on the floor with the essence of vampiric blood which had burned into the wood like acid. Each corner of the pentagram stood a single candle. she then opened the box and poured the ash in the center in a long spreaded line. the winds outside the castle began to roar as the clash of lightening flashed within her eyes, drums of a soft beat began to soar as the white doves crossed above her. her flesh now beaded with sweat as her breathing began to become more of a pant. her eyes flickered like a raging storm while her fingers pryed open the viles of vampiric essence. She poured it slowly over the ash as she then chanted in a demonic language. her long raven hair tossed as if the winds had brushed through every strand. while her words sung the ash began to pull together and dancein a swirl. slowly the ash now becoming more of a structure of a human form flesh began to grow over the now sprouted through its pores, while each perfect feature delveloped. organs within the shell of man began to form. Her last words now human as she leaned down close to his face, she then blew into his nostrils, "Now live once more take within the the breath of life" she exhaled her warm breath once more in a soft blow as the body began to twitch and tremble. his mouth sprung open in a gasp as his pearlized fangs extracted. Eyes of crimson flashed open staring deep into hers. though he had no strength he only could stare at his daughter." she smiled and sat back straight clapping her hands together calling the servant to enter.
The servant entered dragging in a young female mortal and tossed her bounded form into the floor along side Immanuel. Instinct settled within him he then turned with a hiss grasping her firmly as his fangs penitrated her veiny neck. draining her every essence.
While her father fed of the victem her nose wrinkled in discuss. she then lifted and moved across the room to retrieve his robe. "Father hurry and finish your food there is trouble and work to be done."
TGhe scream of the young grl finally ceased as her lifeless form became limp and collapsed in his embrace. he then tossed her like trash back to the floor. his naked form stood and glided over the floor towards his daughter who held out his robe. while he covered his nakedness he then spoke, "What trouble my dear daughter?" his eyes narrowed as his ears perked to listen, the wave of his hand signaled the servant to remove the corpse.
Juliana turned and stared into her fathers, she kept her mind blocked so he could not read her thoughts.
"Isabetta has betrayed the Coven. power has overtaken her mind. she broke the law and committed adultry to our coven breeding with the moon beasts. they have birthed the first born of prophecy."

Her fathers eyes filled with rage as he growled. "Then she shall die by the very thing she has created. "he then mmoved over to his desk. he sighed lowering down in his seat. "I was hoping my return would be of cheer and she would be my chosen queen but I see now this is impossable." his hand swept over the hatch to a drawer, inside was a skeleton key. he grasped it and stared at his daughter. Release the Dogs of Hard my fair one" he then tossed her the key.

The sky held such a strange hue. almost like a burning orange trimmed by strips of gold. the moon had risen while the sun still held at sunset causing a purplish tint to the shadows of the mountains. Isabetta stood on her balcony watching the sky form its nightly display as her garmets danced in the soft breeze caressing her slinder form. her eyes burned like stars flickering as her flesh sparkled like celestial dust.
her lips painted with crimson from a recent feeding. her tongue grazed over her lips drawing the remidence of the final essence of her victem.
She closed her eyes and inhaled the scent in the wind smelling the war that was coming. she then spoke as her lids lifted revealing her sorrowed eyes.
"Oh my beloved I am doing this just so I can have you once more." her eyes closed as a swift breeze swept passed her and the sound of a thug hit the floor. she turned her head towards the shadowed image now which stood in her shadowed corner.

"and you leave me no choice to distroy you my love. how could you do this after you knew he would revenge?" his tone sharp as her steps back quickened. "Vlad!" her eyes widened. her voice trembled. a growl then followed with a spill of chimey words," you wont kill me, "she smirked"you know if you do you lose me completely."
He stepped out from the shadows, crimson tears streamed down intot he lines of his face. sadness written on his every expression as he looked at her captivating beauty.
"I..I. will do what it takes to destroyt what you have become and to save your soul from ****." he swallowed back the lump which he felt in his throat. his hand shook as he pulled a dagger from his cloak.
The Eternal flame, a 36 " dagger which had a serpant twisted blade the handle's edge being the maul of a dragons firey breath spilling down over the curvey blade in a mix of a cobult and ebony tint. A Vampire slayer blade, its sting bringing a terrifying painful eternal fire which burned the vampires inner being completely through to the outer image. leaving one to be no more then a pile of smoldering ash.

She gazed at the dagger then lifted her eyes to meet with his, she then softly began to hum, her soft hum being a Sirene tone, the sweet melody filling his ears as his emotions began to settle deep within himself. he was confused. his hand released the dagger as it dropped to the floor, his hands lifted and cupped over his ears while he dropped to his knees. he wept before her as she continued to hum her mind controling melody now becoming more painful as he grew weak. his head filling with every sharp tone and note of her sirene song, causing it to pound like a migrane. her hand fell to the top of his head as her fingers toiled through his curls, she then snatched a handful forcing him to look up into her eyes.
the hum then ended as she spoke"you see Im not a weak breed, I can bring you to your knees in a second. now shall I kill you as you stare up at me?"
her fangs extended as her features darkened the vampiric trate now coming alive.
"how dare you threaten me! after all I do is love you so much and you repay my generousity of not killing you in a instant with your threat of ending my life!?"
she then released his hair and stepped back. "this could have been different Vlad all you had to do is take me and make me yours so long ago and you refused me."

His heart raced as he panted staring down at the floor. her words seem to cut deeper then her torturing sirene song. as he lifted his eyes towards her a loud screaching sound came from out in the courtyard followed with a heavy bang, it made Isabetta jump and turn swiftly towards her balcony. she could hear the guards screaming in horror and pain. she dashed towards the balcony as Vlad lifted from his bowed state, rushing after her to see what the noise and comotion was. below the howls of hellish beasts as their claws ripped through the guards like they were pillars of soft butter. slicing them to pieces. Isabetta's eyes widened seeing these huge beasts now moving towards the main courtyard. she then remembered what the Gypsy told her and moved the medallion from inside her shirt to the front allowing the moon to caress it in its glowing light. it flashed a beaming light and the wolves cowered down backing up slightly squinching their eyes. their fangs dripping in a mixture of blood and saliva while they snapped at the air and whined.
Immanuel then entered the gates standing behind these beasts. he laughed with such an evilish tone. gazing up at his beloved Isabetta.
Now seeing Vlad moving up behind her. his smile dropping into a frown. a growl filled the air as the wolves then turned facing Immanuel and without a moments delay dashing in a pounce towards him. Immanuel then knew his only daughter had betrayed him. the beasts latched to him tearing his flesh and ripping him apart piece by piece. Isabetta turned burying her face into Vlads chest. Vlad then wrapped her in his arms, inspite the painful friction of the bloodlines curse he held her close.
"Isabetta go now to safety!" He had pushed her away and turned gripping the rail preparing to jump below but Isabetta grabbed ahold of him ,"NOOO!!!! please dont go I cant live without you!"
It was to late his weight then caused him to fall over the rail, she refused to release her grip tumbling over the rail behind him, her arms spread wide along with his they flipped bringing their composure feet first towards the ground. with a graceful land they moved swiftly towards the beasts, their speed swift and almost a blur their fangs extened wide.
the creatures dashed towards them in a flash their claws ripping through the ground tossing earth into the air. their fangs gleemning bright as their maws wrinkled in a snarl. Just at the point where they would connect Juliana appeared.
Both vampire and the wolves skid to a hault before her as she lifted her hands sending out a strong force of winds against them. it hit like crashing waves sending both breeds tumbling backwards over the ground. her form flickered like lightening. she then screamed "Stop!"
The beasts then backed away as the vampiric ones stood frozen staring at her.
Julian then opened her cloak while her hands fell to her sides. "This will end now! the law has been fortold and prophecy is now coming to pass. a truce must be made between both breeds or we all die!"
The alpha beast moved closer to Julian and nodded his massive head in agreement though he snarled staring at the vampiric ones.
Vlad then looked to Isabetta who had landed near his side. she laid motionless. the moon peeked through the passing cloud beaming down over her. He then saw her fully. her hand now moved over her gut as she gasped. blood poured out as a shard of metel seemed to have pierced through her back extending out inthe front of her gut. He screamed out "NOOOOOO!!!!" the prophecy didnt say this!" he moved over to her taking her in his arms pulling her form from the metal shard which pierced through her. she stared into his eyes as her face became an ashy pale tone. her eyes losing its sparkle.
He held her close to his chest and weeped rocking her. he then turned his eyes towards the Gypsy, "you lied to me! you said she and I would be together!"
Julian then stepped forward slowly, "and so you will be, the Prophecy tells the truth. through her blood you two will be bound for all eternity you must drain her and make her your kindred completely. let her drain.
those were the last words she heard as her eyes closed. she felt so cold, everything around her black as the night. she could hear the wind as if she was on its wings. an echo of his voice being a continuous dream in her mind. she then started to see visions of things in past, memories of their love they shared. her heart then stopped and his voice finally faded away.
He lifted to his feet carrying her in a cradle as his tears slid down his face. the beasts of the moon then lowered their heads feeling a slight remorse and compassion for the powerful vampiric King for they didnt understand their way.
He entered the castle staggering from his sorrow and pain. he moved down the hall going to her room. he then lowered her into her own bed.
Julian followed behind him removing her cloak, her expression blank and seemly uncaring.
Julian then spoke, "Vlad you can bring her back all you have to do is give her your essense and make her your own kindred."
Vlad shook his head no and fell to his knees, "I dont want this life for her I love her way to much. a Life of a monster is no life at all."
she then touched his shoulder, "its the prophecy bring both kindred together as one. bring us all peace. if you love her you will end this war between our bloodlines."

There her lifeless form laid as the question tortured Vlads mind, should he rob her from her eternal rest to awaken to a life of always in hiding, always hungry, a never ending fullness and true happiness. then the thoughts of what it will truely be like without her by his side, never being able to hold her, never being able to kiss her or see the sunshine down on her dark spiraled curls, the soft scent of her sweet perfume like roses and lavender would no longer be there. only the bitter painful memories of never giving her only request. a tie between selfishness and freeness from all this he must bare with his own life. He thought a moment of taking his own life but then that would only hurt her more for she would want him to live. He found himself staring down at the waters below the cliff watching the waves crash into the rocks. hours had passed by and time was running out for his decision for the vampiric body decays so vastly by sunset she would be ash and scattered by the wind. He had to make a painful decision.
As the waves turned over and the winds roared he could hear the soft steps behind him, a rustling of sort. He turned in the direction and could smell him.
He growled in warning.
Out of the shadows he stepped forward. It was the alpha moon beast. his chest so broad as his maw lowered and eyes shifted towards the ground. he then lifted his head staring into the vampires eyes. Through telepathic abilities he then began to spill words of wisdom into his mind, "I once had love myself and had to make a choice. perhaps my story will ease your troubles."
Vlads eyes softened and he nodded. "go on Mut tell your story"
The alpha then began to tell him, "Long ago before I found out I was cursed to what I am I loved a beautiful female human. we spent days together which turned into years, I had decided to marry her and give her children. The others like me were in human form but at night they were creatures. I didnt know that though. they warned me not to get to attached that my future holds many secrets that only I can unlock.
I thought they were only jealous, but..." he then paused and gulped hard" It was the night of the wedding. we were to marry under the pale harvest moon over the shoreline. there she was standing on the beach in a cotton white gown, her long ebony hair flowed like the wind. I could almost touch her when the moon pushed through the clouds, my human form fell that night in a painful tormenting moment. I shifted into the creature. She stood there in shock watching me be transformed into this beast I am. she couldnt run or scream from the terror and shock. I unable to control myself lept to her ripping her apart, I killed her and didnt even realize what I had done. My mind went blank I couldnt control myself..I thought. then.. I .. well I woke up realizing it was all a dream. I found myself on the beach though naked. surrounded by those of my coven. they told me I had my first tranformation and the others now will come easier that I would be able to control them in time. but.. "His eyes began to fill with tears." I had no choice but to let her go to keep her safe. what if that dream was a warning? now with all I know now I realize I could have had her today by my side. she could have been turned by me. I lied to her though and told her I had to leave her to join the army. and that she needed to move on. I regret it every single day. it was a silly dream that kept me from having the very woman I fell inlove with." He looked at Vlad and murred softly" you see my friend if you let her go for good you too will regret it and never forgive yourself from doing what your heart really says do. dont make the same mistake." he then turned and dashed off into the depths of the forest disappearing from sight.

Vlad then knew what he had to do, the sun was beginning to rise up over the mountain, he turned and dashed towards the castle. he knew it was only minutes away and her form would become ash and blow away in the wind. he had to give her life, well the only life he knew for himself. He couldnt let her go. He loved her to much. the sun crept up slowly as his steps became multipplied. his spped of a blur seem o be slow motion in his own eyes. rushing to be by her side. He ran up the stairs towards her room. he pushed open the door and sdashed across the room to close the long satin curtains to keep the light from touching her. He dropped down to his knees and whispered. "Forgive me my queen but I cant lose you anymore. not now not ever." tears fell as he grazed his wrist gashing it open deep placing his wrist to her blue lips. the blood now beginning to pour into her mouth as her veins began to turn blue and surface to her flesh, her fangs extracted in instinct. The warm rich blood trickled down her throat as her organs began to operate once more. now being filled with his bloodline her own becoming nonexistant.
Her eyes opened and widened as she pushed him away. like she just awakened from a nightmare. not understanding thopugh the bloodlines now crossing within her becoming almost violent. her form jerked as her scream filled the castle. violently she convolsed as her eyes turned from a crimson to a honey hue of gold. She grasped the sheets and squirmed in poain as her flesh burned with fever. "what have you done to me!" her eyes filled with tears as he watched in shock and fear.
minutes passed as her flesh began to cool. her panting now ceasing his bloodline defeating hers and over taking. she then closed her eyes once more exhausted from the change. he wept by her bedside taking her hand in his. his mouth pressing against the back of her hand as his tears fell to the bedside. "Issa my beloved you are now mine for all eternity, I shall never leave your side." he kissed her hand as her eeys opened and her free hand fell to the back of his head toiling with his soft curls. she then whispered, "I was always yours I was always in your embrace. even if it was only my dreams you were so real to me. Now nothing will seperate us."

they embraced in each others arms and held each other tight. she asked herself what will happen from this day forth but then who would care, she finally got her king.



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