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Your Typical EX-Conquest Match [FINISHED]

»Typical EX-Conquest Match«

»Part I«

Typical EX-Conquest Match

»Part I - Genisis«

Major James Griggs wiped the sweat off his brow as he oversaw his squad of seven comb through the abandoned remains of a train station. The skies we're cloudy, and the air was relatively cool, but the thick armor and the strenuous work had caused his body to overheat. Griggs didn't know why Command needed a train station searched, or why they had required flags to be set up in certain areas, but he did as he was told. Strangely, it reminded Griggs of the Two Temple mission he had been in two years ago. Since then, Command had wanted many other places searched for artifacts in seemingly pointless areas. This was just another one of those pointless places.

Griggs picked his dog tags in his hands, staring at the three tags that were attached to his ball chain. The two he was required, to wear, and a third that read "Wynters." Griggs didn't know who this man was, but he had become somewhat thoughful of him in the last two years, wondering why such a good squad had to die simply to destroy a building that could have been easily destroyed by a well-placed airstrike.

"Sir!" Captain Insurrezione quickly ran over to Griggs, breathing heavily from running. "We have flag A set up. Do want us to proceed with B and C?"

"Yeah, sure. The sooner we're out of here, the better."

"Alright boys, you heard the Major, let's move out!"

The squad exited the building they had arrived near, and walked around to the front of the building, just by a large storage container and the entrance to the main train hub. The clock, frozen in time at 6:25 gave off a chilling eerieness as the squad moved through the station.

"Should we go inside?" Inquired Private Tree. "I bet I couldt ake care of any G.D. members in there."

"No," said Griggs, staring at the clock as he spoke. "Let's go back to this place later. We'll move forward over there." Griggs gestured to the building ahead of them, past another large pair of storage containers.

"Alright, we need to set up a flag in-"

A sharp crack split the air. Tree fell backwards, his widened eyes locked on the hole in his chest. Blood gushed from his wound as he died, his legs collapsing from under him. His mouth opened to speak, but he couldn't manage more than a weak croak.

"What the ****!" Schmoopy nearly dropped his gun in shock.

Griggs grabbed ahold of Captain Schmoopy, dragging him behind cover. "****, it's a sniper."

Another crack shot out, the bullet digging a hole into the wall behind Flyingbox as the squad scrabled to safety. Griggs, Insurrezione and Schoompy huddled behind the large storage container while the rest, Richards, Turk, Boxer, and Litvayak crouched behind the corner of the main train station hub.

Griggs nodded at Boxer, the team sniper. He cocked his rifle, a powerful M40, waiting for direction. Griggs turned to Insurrezione. "Take a peek for me."

Insurrezione nodded. Slowly, he stuck his head out from behind the box, and another gunshot rang off. Insurrezione pulled back quickly, the shot barely grazing the top of his helmet. "On the roof, behind a box."

Boxer quickly turned around the corner, his gun snapping up to meet his target. Boxer breathed out, his finger pressing the as he exhaled. The bullet ripped from his rifle, planting itself in the skull of the G.D. sniper. The sniper immediately crumpled, firing a wild shot into a wall as he died. His corpse fell from the roof, hitting the ground with a sickening crunch.

"Sweet shot, son!" Exclaimed Richards, a grin painting his face. He walked over and clapped Boxer on the shoulder, congratulating him. Boxer simply grunted, breaking away from Richards with an expression of annoyance. "Somebody's got a pole up their ***..." said Richards, walking away from Boxer and towards the next objective.

The rest of the group followed suit, not particuarly bothered by Boxers' usual cold demeanor.

»Part II - Setting Up Camp (MARSHMELLOWS)«

The squad set up base in the building with Schmoopy setting up the flag while the rest searched for useful artifacts. The building itself was fairly empty, mostly just dust collected over time.

Richards threw up his hands in frustration. "Griggs, why are we even here? There is nothing here."

"Look, calm down," Griggs chuckled, amused at Richards' anger. "We only need to do a couple more sites, then we can-"

Griggs stopped talking. The faint sound of footsteps sounded in the distance.

Immediately he got the team to work. "Boxer, Turk, head up to the roof." Griggs picked up his weapon, heading for the door. "Richards, Rez, you're with me. The rest stay here and defend this place."

"My name isn't Rez," Insurrezione muttered, heading for the door as well.

"Well your last name is too **** long, now come on. Lets make some noise!"

(Going to split up each group's "experience" into a part.)

»Part III - Richards and Insurrezione«

Griggs exited the building, greeted by bullets as soon as he walked out the door. One of the bullets caught him in the leg, and Griggs doubled over in pain. Insurrezione grabbed ahold of Griggs and dragged him behind a wall while Richards covered them with his AUG. Richards, an expert with the weapon, manage to drop two of them, their bright blue armor stained red with blood.

"Thanks," Griggs breathed out.

"No problem, Major," Insurrezione beamed. "You stay here, while me and Richards move forward."

"As if I have a choice," Griggs half laughed. He grunted, just now noticing the blood covering his leg. He ripped off a patch of his undershirt, using it as a makeshift bandage.

Insurrezione and Richards moved ahead, into a second building past two storage containers. They cleared the room fairly quickly, and advances up a pair of stairs into a long hallway. At the other end was a group of G.D. soldiers, pulled up their weapons and firing. The pair ducked behind a corner firing shots off as they went. Richards blindly shot his gun around the corner, emptying the clip without aiming. Two of the soldiers died immediately, stray bullets catching them in the head. The other G.D. soldiers ducked behind their corner, hoping not to die themselves. Richards peeked around the corner.

"I got two," beamed Richards, reloading.

"Quiet," ordered Insurrezione. "I think I hear them coming from below. We need to get down that hallway before we're trapped."

Richards nodded and the two shot around the corner. The G.D. soldiers at the end turned the corner as well, and Richards and Insurrezione opened fire, dashing down the hall with their guns blazing full auto. The G.D. members died quickly, their bodies riddled with bullets, and blood painting the wall behind them. One of the soldier's tongue hung down from his mouth, his bottom jaw taken off by one of the bullets.

The two squadmembers grinned, giving a playful high five to each other.

"Good job, bro," said Insurrezione.

Richards was about to answer, but kept his mouth shut when he heard the faint tink of metal hitting metal.

"What the...?" Richards questioned, dumbly staring at the grenade by his feet.

Insurrezione's eyes widened, and he turned to run, but his effort to escape was in vain. The grenade exploded, throwing the two men backwards into the wall. Insurrezione slumped to the ground, pain flooding his body. He looked around, dazed, searching the hall to see if Richards was alive. He managed to find him through the smoke, dead. The top half of Richards body lay against the wall, his legs blown off by the explosion. A peice of shrapnel protruded from his forehead, a grotesque look of shock covering his face.

"Well, well, well!" a voice called out. "Looks like we still have a live one."

Insurrezione looked up at a large man flanked by two G.D. soldiers.

"And what's your name, rat?"

Insurrezione shot a bloody wad of saliva at his face. "**** you, G.D. scum."

"Wrong answer."

Insurrezione cried out in pain as the man slammed the butt of his rifle into his stomach. The other two G.D. soldiers pulled him up, holding him for their leader. The man rammed his fist into Insurrezione stomach, causing him to cough up a ball of blood.

"See, this could have been avoided if you simply cooperated, but now, you have to die," the man smiled, unstrapping his knife from around his leg. Insurrezione's eyes widened, afraid of what the man was going to do.

"Hold him boys," said the man, laying one hand on the red soldier's chest to keep him still. The man struck the knife into Insurrezione, pulling it down and making a neat, vertical incision.

Insurrezione gasped in pain as blood spilled from his abdomen.

"Now for the fun part."

The man plunged his hand into the fresh wound, his arm digging into Insurrezione body. Insurrezione screamed in pain as he felt the man's large hands move about his organs.

The man, gripping the red soldiers spine laughed. "Funny, I didn't know red soldiers had spines."

The man yanked on Insurreziones spinal cord, ending his life. Insurrezione's body slumped over, and the two G.D. soldiers let him drop to the floor.

"Pity," the man said, wiping the blood off on his shirt.

»Part IV - Schmoopy and Litvayak«

"I'm bored," announced Schmoopy. "With two on the roof and three outside, we have nothing to kill."

"Well, might as well get to searching for more objects then," said Litvayak.

"I suppose your right," said Schmoopy, lifting himself off the floor. "I just wish I had something to shoot at."

As Schmoopy began to sift through the objects in the room, Litvayak eyed her weapon. Though it had only been used a couple of missions, enough bullets had passed through the barrel to make it look fairly worn down. Litvayak then dropped her eyes to her forearm and she stared at her sleeve. Slowly, she pulled it back, exposing a small, black tattoo of a howling wolf. She pulled it back down and frowned. Well, this is how it's gotta be.

"Hey Schmoopy," Litvayak called out.

"Sup Birs," said Schmoopy, turning around. Litvayak made an annoyed face. She hated her nickname.

"We've had a good run while it lasted, eh?"

"Uh, what? I doubt we're going to die here of all places."

Thats what you think, thought Litvayak.

"Well, goodbye Schmoopy," Litvayak sighed, leveling her gun on Schmoopy.

"Yeah, good one. Now put the gun down and help me over here."

Litvayak pulled the trigger, a shot erupting from the barrel of her gun. The bullet slammed into Schoompy's shoulder, and his hand shot up and grabbed the wound, dropping his gun in the process.

"What the Hard Biri?"

Litvayak shot again. A red stain peeked through around Schoompy's stomach. Schoompy stumbled backwards into the wall, his hand gripping the wound in his abdomen. Schoopy's eyes shone with betrayal, a grim look splayed across his face.

"Why?" he croaked.

Litvayak replied with a shot to his head.

»Part V - Boxer and Turks«

Captain Turks and Sergeant Major Boxer dashed along a small set of stairs that led up to the roof and proceeded to ready for the assault with a defensive position. While Boxer set up his sniper, Turks scanned over the area, looking for ideal places to set his explosives. Boxer lay himself prone along the rooftop, parallel with the edges of the power units he was in between.

"Here comes one now," announced Boxer, staring through the scope of his weapon.

"Bet you can't 'em," dared Turks, a sly grin tugging at his lips.

Boxer fired off a round, and the soldier's head disappeared in a shower of blood and brains. Boxers shot his own grin back at Turks as he opened and closed the breech of his rifle. Turks frowned. He should've known not to make a bet against Boxer's sniping skills.

"Whatever," said Turks, picking himself off the floor of the roof. "I'm going to set up some explosives. Mind covering me?"

Boxer nodded, and aimed down the barrel of his gun, awaiting another blue soldier.

Turks slid over the edge of the roof, hanging by his hands and then dropped down. The fall wasn't that high, maybe five feet or so. The red soldier drew a small pack of plastic explosives from his bag, smiling with anticipation of what he was about to do. Turks planted the explosives along the corners of walls, and in doorways, in order to catch the G.D. grunts by surprise. The then pulled a few anti-personnel blast mines from his bag and quickly dug holes in the dirt to plant them in. After he had successfully planted and armed the mines, he gazed around at his artwork. It was beauitiful. But then...

Turks felt the rush of hair and heat of a bullet whizzing past his head, and he ducked, his hands covering his head. He looked up at the roof, sure of where the bullet came from.

Turks exploded into a heated rage. "What the ****, Boxer?! Don't shoot at me, that **** isn't funny. You could've set off a mine!"

Boxer made an annoyed look with his face and nodded his head in a direction behind Turk. Turk swung around to see a G.D. soldier on the ground in a pool of blood, his hand gripping a knife.


Turks apologized, feeling a bit awkward for yelling at Boxer after saving his life. He ran back up to the roof, waiting for the first wave of oncoming enemies. Dropping his body next to Boxer, he gripped the detonator for the plastic explosives in his left hand, with his FANAS being loosely held by his right.

"They sure are taking a while," Turks pointed out, getting a bit impatient.

"Not long. Those first two were probably just scouts. They also probably realize that there's a sniper up here, and they're most likely going to send somebody to countersnipe. That and probably rush to get us as quickly as they can. They'll most likely figure if they charge with enough men, we can't possibly hope to kill them all by ourselves."

Turks stared confused at Boxer. "You've got this all figured out, don't you?"

"Not that hard to figure out really," Boxer said, shrugging.

"Whatever. I've got a surprise for them when they come."

Just as soon as the word 'come' had rolled off of Turks' tongue, the G.D. soldiers had begun to charge. Turks waited until a number of them had poured in before he blew the charges. His hand gripped the button, and the explosives blew apart in a blaze of fire. The explosion kicked up a large cloud of dirt that blinded the soldiers. As soon as one recovered and dashed out of the hazy brown cloud, Boxer pulled his trigger. The grunt was thrown to the ground by the impact of the shot, his arm torn off by the sheer force of the bullet.

It wasn't long before the dust settled and the rest of the soldiers began to charge again. The next wave of grunts rushed towards the building, blindly firing at the roof for a lucky kill. Turks kept his eyes trained on the thin, near invisible tripwire that would set off his mines.

A booted foot lightly tugged at the trip-wire, and the mine activated. A liquid propellant thrust the mine into the air, a look of fear already crossing the faces of nearby soldiers. The mine detonated into 600 fragments, most of them landing into the bodies of G.D. soldiers.

Turks rolled with laughter, reveling in his destructive artwork. At this point, there were only three soldiers alive, all of them either crippled by an explosive or bleeding out onto the ground. Boxer took this opportunity to finish them off.

"Haha, nice work Sergeant," said Turks.

Boxer had his head co_cked, ignoring Turks. "You hear that? There was an explosion just then."

"I wouldn't worry about it. Probably just Griggs, Rez, and L'il Richie kickin' some *** without us."

Boxer couldn't shake the feeling something was wrong. "Whatever, we need to check on Litvayak and Schmoopy."

"Alright Boxer, come on then."

The two squadmemebers packed up and headed down the stairs, hearing a gunshot on their way down.

"****, that came from the building!" Turks exclaimed, breaking into a run. The two entered the building, stunned by what they saw. Litvayak was standing over Schmoopy, who had blood sluicing from the fresh hole in his head.

"What the **** Birs?!" shouted Turks.

Without replying, Litvayak spun around and opened fire on the two. Turks rolled and sprayed his FANAS at Litvayak, his bullets catching her center mass. Her body shook as the bullets thumped into her torso, and once Turks stopped firing, she looked blankly at him, and fell to the ground dead.

Turks stood up, his mind racing. Did she kill Schmoopy? Why would she kill him? Why'd she try to kill me?

Turks' train of thought broke when he heard a groan of pain emit from the throat of Boxer. Turks ran over to him, cursing as he went. He scanned over his body and saw that Boxer had taken a bullet in his chest. Turks ripped open Boxer's shirt and examined the wound further. He had taken a bullet in his heart. A torrent of blood gushed from the wound and Turks tried desperately to plug the hole with his finger.

"Come on Boxer, you can make it," Turks babbled, concern and fright lacing his voice.

Boxer's head lolled to the side with his mouth moving in an effort to speak. Finally, after a few long seconds, the light faded in his eyes. Boxer was dead.

Turks stood up, broken. Boxer had been his friend. The two were an odd pair, but friends nonetheless. Turks turned, looking at Schmoopy's body. Another lost friend.


The Captain turned around to see Griggs in the doorway, gripping his wounded leg.

»Wounded Body, Wounded Hart - Part VI«

"Griggs, what happened to your leg?" Turks exclaimed, dashing towards his wounded Major.

"Nevermind this, what happened here?"

Turks was quiet for a few seconds. "It was G.D. of course..."

"You're not telling me the whole story it seems, but that matters little right now. We need to find Rez and Richards."

Turks nodded, taking up his rifle and helping his injured friend out the door. "What happened to your leg?"

"I was shot as soon as I gave the order to move out. I told Richards and Insurrezione to move ahead without me."

"Where are they now?"

"I don't know."

Turks rolled his eyes. "Alright, let's look over there, I guess."

The two soldiers slowly made their way to the area Richards and Insurrezione had moved through earlier. Turks' mind began to wander as he held up Griggs, thinking about Litvayak's unexpected betrayal. By now he had already pieced together than she was some G.D. spy. A feeling of disgust washed over him. "**** G.D.," he spat.

"Something wrong?" probed Griggs.

"No," he lied. "Let's keep moving."

The pair made their way up the stairs in the far building, the same stairs Richards and Insurrezione had climbed. Turks nearly dropped Griggs in shock.

Blood splattered the room, covering a better part of the walls and ceiling. Turks set Griggs down and rushed over to the bodies, his heart thumping with fear. Amongst the blue-armored corpses he found two red ones. Richards and Insurrezione.

He stared at the pair. Richards' body was legless and metal fragments jutted from his skull. His head lolled to the side against the wall his body was leaning on. Insurrezione was strewn about the floor, his eyes wide open, and his abdomen was torn open. Only a foot away, Turks could see bits of Insurrezione's spine.

Turks leaned against a wall and looked away, struggling not to vomit. A feeling of a sad emptyness swarmed through him, but was soon replaced by rage.

Turks walked swiftly back to Griggs and jerked him back up to his feet.

"Easy, Turks," cried Griggs, wincing in pain.

Turks didn't reply, he simply dragged Griggs along, back down the stairs.

"What the Hard, where are we going?" Griggs demanded.

Again, no reply. Turks carried Griggs out the door, and towards the start of their original drop point. Turks kept moving until he saw a small hiding area between two columns and a building, hidden by shadows.

Turks dropped Griggs to the ground, causing Griggs to wince in pain again.

"Stay here," Turks ordered. "I'll be back."

Turks ran off before Griggs could reply, unsure of what he was going to do.

»Set Them Up The Bomb - Part VII«

Turks slung his FANAS over his back and began taking out the few charges he had left in his pack as he made his away around the building. Turks wasted no time and dashed into main building, adorned with the still clock. Turks saw no G.D., and didn't really care whether there were or not. His mind was focused on one goal.

Turks began planting his explosives along the weak points of the building. Columns, supports, wall corners. Anything that would help destroy the place. Not bothering to check to see if his work was comeplete, or if it was placed right, he began to walk out of the building.

"Hey you, stop!" a voiced shouted out.

Turks turned around to see a G.D. soldier, probably a noncom. He walk flanked by six oher G.D. soldiers.

"**** you," spat Turks, making the venom in his tone very apparent. He turned and continued to walk.

"One more step and you're dead."

Turks continued moving.

The officer and his soldiers fired, and Turks jumped to the side, avoiding their bullets. He ducked behind a small column near the entrance. His mind raced trying to think of what to do. He could jump out and shoot, he's surely die. And he could blow the building now, he'd die then, too. And then it came to him. He dug in his near-empty pack and pulled out two grenades, one a flashbang, and the other a large spherical blue one, with the word "Splitter" painted on the side.

Turks kissed both grenades and made a silent prayer.

"Come on, time to do work."

Turks rushed out from behind the piller and threw the flashbang up into the air, covering his eyes as it went up. He felt the bullets whizz through the air around him, but they stopped as soon as he heard the deafing whine of the grenade exploding. He looked up as the soldiered sprayed the room, dazed from the intense light. He then through up the blue "Splitter."

The grenade exploded right in front of the blinded noncom. The outer shell blew apart, releasing dozens of small metal darts resembling simple spears. The razor sharp darts pierced easily through the G.D. armor and exploded upon contact with their skin. Hundreds of metal fragments from the darts drove their way into their vital organs, creating thousands of small, deadly wounds inside their bodies. The few soldiers that didn't die immediately screamed out an almost inhuman cry of pain. They dropped to the floor, only causing the spikes to do more damage with their movement. They stopped moving very soon, bleeding to death on the rampart.

Turks exited the building, heading back to Griggs.

»Getting A Little Hairy - Part VIII«

Griggs waited patiently for Turks, his gun pointed in front of him, ready for any G.D. to pass by.

"Hello," a voice called out.

Griggs didn't reply, but kept his gun level.

"Oh, not going to say hi back eh?"

A rather large man stepped around the corner, flanked by two G.D. soldiers.

He was at least six foot five, and his simple leather armor was covered in blood. His hair was matted and dirty, and while on his belt he had no gun, he had a simple knife on a strap around his leg.

"Well, hopefully you'll be more cooperative than the last red soldier I had a talk with."

Griggs wondered what who he was talking about. It couldn't have been Boxer, Schmoopy, or Litvayak, they had all died near Turks, and surely Turks would've told him. That only meant...

The color drained from Griggs' face and bile made it's way into his throat.

"Oh?" The man smiled. "I'm assuming you must have known the fellow."

"Well, nothing to be done now," said the man, advancing towards Griggs.

"Take another step and you're dead, G.D. ******."

Tautingly, the man took a step.

Griggs pulled the trigger, and the gun made a scraping sound.

"It seems like your gun is jammed," the man laughed.

"Now, tell me your name. The other soldier refused to tell me his, and things got ugly." The man smiled sickeningly.

"Griggs," he muttered. "Major James Griggs."

"Good!" The man exclaimed. "We're starting to get along already."

The man picked Griggs up from the ground, and waved the soldiers over to hold him up.

"My name is Ashes by the way. Major Damien 'Jackal' Ashes."

Griggs rolled his eyes, not caring.

"Now," said the man. "Can you tell me why you're here, and where you came from?"

Griggs wondered how much he should tell him. If he told him nothing, he was just going to end up like Insurrezione. If he told him, his agency would surely kill him for treason. It was a lose-lose situation. Griggs decided if he was going to die, he might as well die with some pride.

"That's none of your **** business, Ashes."

Ashes frowned. "And I had thought we were getting along here."

"Oh well," Ashes sighed, stepping back from Griggs and the soldiers holding him up.

"I suppose it's time for you to die then."

Ashes pulled out a syringe from his belt pack, and stuck it in him arm. He dropped the syringe as soon as it's contents entered his bloodstream. He fell to the ground almost as soon as the syringe dropped, and his face contorted with pain. His body began to twist grotesquely and he struggled to stay up. Hair began to sprout and grow from his skin at an alarming rate, and his mouth extended into a snout. His eyes began to lose their human qualities and formed into glowing, blue slits. His cries of pain soon turned into howls.

Griggs stared wide eyed at this transformation. He had only seen wolves once before, two years earilier, and they were corpses.

Ashes pulled himself off the ground, and his mouth pulled back in what seemed like a smile.

»A True Super Soldier - Part IX«

Turks tore around the corner of the building, his heartbeat greatly accellerating as he heard a roar split the air. He dropped his empty explosives pack as he ran, silently praying that Griggs was still yet alive.

As soon as Turks made his way around the large, blue storage container, he hoisted up his rifle and opened fire at the first blue object that came into his sights. Several bullets planted themselves firmly in the chest of a soldier holding Griggs, while a stray projectile lodged itself in the throat of the other. Griggs fell to the ground hard as the soldiers let go of him. The hole-in-the-throat soldier's hands shot up to grasp his wounded neck, and stumbled around, trying to stop the bleeding. His eyes widened in pure and utter terror as he died from asphyxiation, choking on his own blood.

Turks began to lift himself up to help Griggs, but stopped when he saw Ashes. Turks' mouth hung open slack in surprise.

"Bravo," growled Ashes, almost incomprehensive under the effects of the wolf transformation. "Now, we dance."

Turks pulled the trigger of his gun and fired off five bullets into Ashes before the wolf even began running. Ashes didn't even flinch as the bullets buried into his flesh. He charged forward, and Turks began to run backwards as he fired his gun. The gun made a hollow click, the last bullet having flown from the barrel of the gun. Turks hurridly grabbed another magazine as he ran, desperately trying to jam it into the gun. But before he could fully reload, Ashes connected with him, causing a loud crunch from the impact.

Turks flew against the wall behind him, all the air blowing out of his lungs. He gripped his fractured ribs, his mouth wide and sucking in air. As he rolled on the ground he heard Ashes emit a low rumble, something akin to a laugh.

Ashes lifted his foot and pressed it heavily down against Turks' throat. Turks tried in vain to push the foot off of him, but Ashes just laughed at his attempt.

"Your pathetic squirming is quite amusing, soldier. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end."

Ashes pressed harder against Turks' throat, and his eyes bulged in their sockets. His face began to color from the lack of oxygen. Turks' muscles strained trying to push Ashes' furred foot off of him. Turks knew he wouldn't be able to get him off. He knew he'd die. But he wouldn't die without at least a little resistance...

Turks' lungs burned, and his brain screamed for oxygen, but none came. He felt his muscles began to slack and weakness overtook his body. His vision blurred, and tears welled in his eyes. And then...

Turks felt the pressure on his throat disappear. He looked up and saw Ashes scream, blood spurting from his back. He looked further away and saw Griggs, on his knees, shooting at Ashes' back. Turks took this opportunity to slip away from Ashes, grabbing his gun along the way.

He reached Griggs and dropped down next to him, gasping for breath.

"Thanks Griggs," he panted.

"No problem Turks."

Ashes turned, his eyes red with fury. He charged at Griggs, a powerful roar shattering the air around them as he went. Griggs was out of ammo, and Turks had no time to reload. Griggs pulled out his CQC knife less than a second before Ashes attacked him. Ashes took a broad slash across the major's chest, ripping open his armor. Griggs winced in pain, blood dripping on he ground around him. Ashes raised his arm for another strike, but Turks was quick on his tail.

Turks launched himself onto Ashes' back, driving the knife repeatedly into his back. Ashes shook wildly, trying to throw Turks from him. But Turks was steadfast, and remained latched on to the wolf.

Turks felt Ashes weaken under him, the wounds finally starting to kill him. Turks smiled and drove the knife one last time into his back. However, Ashes finally managed to find his target. Gripping Turks' armor, he ripped the soldier from his back and threw him against the ground.

Turks yelled aloud as his broken ribs dug into his lungs. Ashes loomed over him, blood running from his mouth.

"You little, annoying, ****," Ashes rumbled. "You die now."

Turks closed his eyes and awaited the worst. But he only heard a scream.

Turks opened his eyes and saw Griggs knife planted firmly in the eye of Ashes. Griggs was against the wall of the building, smiling at Turks. Ashes blindly stumbled around and tripped over Turks. The knife had pierced his eyes and ruptured his brain tissue. Blood quickly began to fill his brain cavity and Ashes died, his furry tail still twitching with the last bit life he had remaining.

"Good job, Griggs."

"So we die here," Griggs declared, seemingly ignoring Turks.

Turks was silent, he could feel the blood beginning to fill his lungs. He wouldn't make it out alive, and Griggs wouldn't either. He was already bleeding profusely from his chest, and his injured leg prevented him from walking anywhere. Turks could feel the life draining from him. He lifted his detonator, knowing what he had to do. He looked over at Griggs, and the major nodded at him in understanding.

Turks gripped the detonator, and let go of it.

The building erupted in a blazing inferno. The walls exploded in a cloud of dust and chunks of concrete and steel in every direction. Griggs immediately died, leaning against the wall himself.

Turks stared dumbly at the steel pole protruding from his abdomen, not even feeling any pain. He took one last ragged breath, and collapsed on top of the pole, the light fading from his eyes.

»Exodus - Part X«

General Defense Brigadier General Markus Bidell gazed at the burning structure from the saftey of his helicopter, shaking his head in disappointment.

So my blue soldiers failed to stop the Lycans.

"Pilot," Bidell called. "Take us out of here."


Major - Griggs
1st Lieutenant - Biribiri DEAD - THUMPTY THUMP THUMP
Captain - TurkeYummy
Captain - Schmoopy DEAD - SNEAK ATTACK
Sergeant Major - Flyingbox DEAD - NOOB SPRAY N PRAY
Captain - jmr100 DEAD - Grenade Disembowlment
Private - Tree DEAD - Sniper Food
Captain - Insurrezione DEAD - Spinal Cord Snap

Yes, jmr's name stands for something. =o

<br>BFBC2 - SylentGhost</br> <br>Rift - Sylvus/Katsuro</br> <br>CoD BO - HolySylent </br> <br>Steam - HolySylent</br> <br>WolfTeam - Insurrezione</br>


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25 Dec 2009
ohio United States
PostedOct 09, 2010 11:46 pm
i was no where to be found XD
then like oh yea.. richards is me
nice story i'll be waitin for pt 2 =P
and the 100th would be the biggest/longest name i think
imagin 99 othr jmrs o.O
and flybox can snipe?
and his ign is boxer?
and alot of us are captains XD
and 2 of us first names are james i take it u like the name james XD

    sigs i've made tht i like :3 (rotator)- Jmr100 League of Legends= jmr100


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12 May 2009
Bleh United States
PostedOct 10, 2010 9:33 am
Lol I don't like the name james just couldn't think up any others.

<br>BFBC2 - SylentGhost</br> <br>Rift - Sylvus/Katsuro</br> <br>CoD BO - HolySylent </br> <br>Steam - HolySylent</br> <br>WolfTeam - Insurrezione</br>


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30 Jan 2010
Risilheim, the Elven Colony of Canada
PostedOct 10, 2010 9:42 am
XD LOL! JAMES MICHAEL RICHARDS THE 100TH! Awesome, Im a terrorist.

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25 Dec 2009
ohio United States
PostedOct 10, 2010 10:28 am
happyface104 wrote:
XD LOL! JAMES MICHAEL RICHARDS THE 100TH! Awesome, Im a terrorist.  

ur a terrorist o.O
wth since wen
ima run >.>

    sigs i've made tht i like :3 (rotator)- Jmr100 League of Legends= jmr100


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01 Apr 2010
Above you United States
PostedOct 10, 2010 10:42 am
Can his name be Jameer Michael Rashard?

made by SnowyDew :3


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12 May 2009
Bleh United States
PostedOct 10, 2010 11:07 am
Demolitions =/= Terrorist lol

Guitar,t hat's a nice idea, but I'm too lazy to go back and make changes. xD

No no, his IGN is Flyingbox, but I tried to make the names somewhat more real. And yes, he can snipe.

BTW, you enjoy the death jmr? =)

<br>BFBC2 - SylentGhost</br> <br>Rift - Sylvus/Katsuro</br> <br>CoD BO - HolySylent </br> <br>Steam - HolySylent</br> <br>WolfTeam - Insurrezione</br>


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25 Dec 2009
ohio United States
PostedOct 10, 2010 11:37 am
wtf.. ._.
boom << my reaction xD
gota hate nades XD
atleast it was awp tho >.>
i blame it on the noob team tht didnt help us D:

and i dont think i've evr seen flying box then ingame XD

and u edited and u still got ur sig showing o.O
wen i edit stuff(and othr ppl) the sig disapears XD
and wat gun did u have? since i had aug =P

    sigs i've made tht i like :3 (rotator)- Jmr100 League of Legends= jmr100


Rank 4
12 May 2009
Bleh United States
PostedOct 10, 2010 12:03 pm
IDK? SZ-552 I guess?

And i seen flying in lobby. xD

And at least you died instantly. lol

<br>BFBC2 - SylentGhost</br> <br>Rift - Sylvus/Katsuro</br> <br>CoD BO - HolySylent </br> <br>Steam - HolySylent</br> <br>WolfTeam - Insurrezione</br>


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30 Jan 2010
Risilheim, the Elven Colony of Canada
PostedOct 10, 2010 2:15 pm

When am I gonna appear. And lol at ur death Rection. XD



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