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Shaiya FAQs!!

Check it out!
Hey Shaiya Very Happy

With all this content it looks like we need a one stop shop for information! I will be updating this thread with any great information I can find scattered across our forums.

So Here it goes!

Shaiyas FAQS


Where can I go to find the Basic mechanics of the game?

What are the different Modes and Classes I can play?

WTH?OI?WTS? What the heck are these people saying?!

How do I change my guild leader?

I'm having problems joining or making a guild, what do I do?

What is the Auction House and how do I use it?

Where can I find more Info on gold/economy/prices?

How do open a shop/go to the bootleggery or the arena?

How do I submit a TICKET?

PvP questions
What are the PvP ranks and how do they work?

Im a melee class any tips for 1-15 pvp?

Im a Caster any tips for 1-15 pvp?

Why does magic resistance matter in PvP?

How can I work as a team in PvP combat?

Gear questions
What types of Gear are there?

What is the difference between goddess/legendary and dread items?

Where can I find info on accessories?

Upgrade mechanics

What is lapisia and what are my success rates?

What are the different lapis types and how do I use them?

Whats the blacksmith for?


Wher can I find quest/ Mob information?

GS/GM Team

Whos a GS/GM? Where can I find their information?

How do I become a GS

What is the role of the GS Team?


Am I allowed to...

What can I find in the forums, and what is each forum for?

What are the kill stealing rules?

What are the PvP rules?

How should I behave in the Shoutbox?

How do I report a player?

I was banned, what do I do now?

What are some common scams and how do I avoid them?

Item Mall

What is in the ingame item mall?

What are promotions and how do they work?

What is the loot forge and how do I use it?

What is a mini tiered and how do I get my items?

Where can I find upcoming/currently running promotions?

EP 5.2
Im having issues updating to 5.2!

Where can I find a walkthrough for ep 5.2?

Where can I find FAQ for ep 5.2?

If you have anything else you would like added to this list please send me a pm with the link and why it should be on this page Very Happy

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