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02 Oct 2009
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PostedSep 10, 2010 10:33 am

How this Forum Works

How this Forum Works:

The Stories/Writing/Fan Fiction section of the forum is reserved for the artistic types, whom want to compile poems about Wolf Team. Or stories about wolves. They do not have to be serious, and are just meant for fun.

As most of you know, fan fictions or fan fics are storied derived from a movie/game/book/manga/show/etc, and are posted for other fans to view.

Any stories with crude language, strong hostile, sexual, or racial themes will be deleted without warning, and may result in trouble for the poster.

This doesn’t really require any links for explanation as far as I can see, so I will leave you with one of my works. Happy writing!

*Note*Please do not post anything here. This is part of a Game Sage assignment, and no replies will be viewed. They will, however, be deleted, so don't post ANYTHING.
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