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Everlasting answers to your Q&A's

Find what you seek, as you open your imagination.
The Fan Art section is a very wide community of different sorts of art, the most dominated form of art throughout this area is signitures(Sig's) that are one of the main ID's to a player.
For those interested in making their own sig's you can look at some of the past Pioneer's or the current few who each have their own since of diversity and design.

Quick and easy start...

Q: Your first basic questions are how do I make my own Sig?

A: You've got many choices, Adobe Photoshop, which is a paid program. Gimp which is a free program. And if your uninterested in the search you can even use your basic Paint program. Each sig is gonna vary on the person anyhow, so no reason to be scurred to try new journeys.

Here are some helpful threads which have already been posted. You can even go onto YouTube and discover numerous of other tutorials to learn from. All in which you should be specific, in which program you'll be using.

Here are some helpful threds made by the past Pioneer's of the WT community.

Vivicide Sig's

SiggyMaker Sig's

nikeraptor Sig's

Then we've got the people who've come after, but before that here are some of the tutorials left behind from these guys.
Coleman is probably one of the first Pioneer Sig makers, he just doesn't have a trail like the others. But here are 2 of his tutorial's, one which he left behind for JMR which you can see the progress in the mention's below. Plus one from SiggyMaker, and JMR.

ColemanJuran's Sig Tutorial

Cole's dedicated Tutorial to JMR

SiggyMaker's Sig Tutorial

JMR's Sig Tutorial

Here is a few of the refrence area's that have been made for the step of needing rendered pictures, and other ordeals, which you may have spotted in the tutorial area's aswell. If you didn't check them, and want some leads, they'd be the spot to check after these bits.

Avarice's Artist Resources

It's obvious you can use Google, Yahoo, whatever search engine for pics, and such. Remember this is a PG-13 area, and anything that breaks that limit will be removed and some punishment may follow.

And last but not least, the current people who open up their art to people, and basically have a trail to show off what they've done for people. You can also use these gaalleries to feed your own imagination and build it up even further. To be fair to the Sig Maker's i've gone and ordered them by the date they were posted. And I think Avarice has gone MIA, not sure...

Avarice's Gallery

JMR's Gallery

Lamb0's Gallery

TurkeYummy's Gallery

XLycnOutlawX's Gallery

NaturalNinja's Gallery

Most these guy's you can spot in the SB, and talk with them or atleast follow any directions that are pointed out in their Gallery about requesting a Sig.

Last lil notes for everyone, remember to follow any of the ToS info on the Sig's, which I will link below this. You should remember to follow this, because all your efforts will be for a total waste if you break the rules. The Guidelines are set, and are there for everyones safety, even in visual art.

XD While getting the ToS link, I found this which may also be interesting for some people. An

Aeria Sig Generator

Aeria Sig Generator thread

Rules and Volunteers

Actual ToS

I hope this has helped anyone looking into becoming a Sig maker, or in a need of a Sig.

*Mod Note* Please do not post any comments in this thread. Thank you.
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