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Humans/Guns: A Complete explanation

Everything you need to know. DON'T POST IN THIS THREAD, PLEASE.
A Complete Explanation and List of Humans and Guns, along with videos:



A popular belief is that people who get long range kills are hacking, when if fact they are probably using a scope.

Scope - Decreases the line of sight and movement and turning ratio, and focuses on a single target by magnifying it by 20%, 30%, 50% or more. Not all guns have this, but some have it as a default feature. To use, click the right mouse button. To stop, click the right mouse button again.

Three Burst - Available in the XEM-8 series, with the exception of XEM Ops. In addition to scope, clicking the right mouse button will enable you to fire 3 burst volleys at a target.


Weak Slash - Left click to use a weak slash against an opponent. These generally do 60-70 damage depending upon the equipment the opponent has, and 3-4 hits will kill them.

Power Slash - Right click to attack with greater force. This is slower than the weak slash, but will kill the opponent with a single hit, unless they have a tattoo which promotes human AP (Armor Points).

Counter - Click both buttons at the same time to counter an opponent's attack. This has to be timed just right when they attack, but if you succeed, you will prevent them from doing any damage to you, and you will kill them with a single attack.


Scope - Most pistols do not have any scope or upgrades which allow for scope. However, the Criss Ops and the EM-500 do have the scope feature.


Scope - All sniper rifles have scopes, usually 4x magnification. All sniper scopes can be upgraded to 6x for extremely long range, with the current exception of the Zaitsev, I-115 AW, I-115 T Gold, and similar rifles, which are already fully upgraded at present.

A Complete Gun List:

In case you've ever wondered, the guns in WolfTeam are not made up. If you've ever googled them and came up with no results, here's why:
Their names and the names of their manufacturers have been changed to comply with copyright and/or patent laws. In some cases, only a letter or dash has been changed.

For anyone who's interested in knowing what the real world variants of these weapons are, I've provided a list with links showcasing pictures, detailed info, history, and how they are in use today.

*Yes, I will update this as I see fit. Weapons that are not listed have either been made up or I haven't found the time to put them in yet. If you don't like reading long 'boring' weapon history, then I wouldn't advise scrolling down on these links. I personally enjoy reading up on what weapons I'm using to kill my opponents with, but to each his own.
*I've tried to make this list as complete and accurate as possible, so if you think you somehow spotted an error, let me know about it (in a PM if possible).

-----Primary Weapons-----

Assault rifles

EM-16A2 = Armalite/Colt M16A2

AKEI-47 = AK-47

AKEIS-74 = AK-74


EF-2000 = FN F2000

EM-4 = Colt M4

EM-14 = Springfield M14

ESA-80 = Enfield SA-80


KEI-2 = Daewoo K2


SZ-552 = SIG SG-552

XEM-8 = Heckler & Koch/ATK XM8

Z-3 = Heckler & Koch G3

ElWRCi M6A2 = LWRC International M6A2

Submachine guns

MEC-11 = Ingram MAC Model 10

EMP5 = Heckler & Koch MP-5

UMF-45 = Heckler & Koch UMP

PI-90 = FN P90

HKEI-MP7A1 = Heckler & Koch MP7A1


EM-3 = Benelli M3

SUPAS = Franchi SPAS-12

EXM-26 = SBL XM-26

Machine guns

EM-60 = US Army M60

Sniper rifles

STOUT = Steyr Scout

EM-40 = Remington M40

I-115 = Accuracy International L96A1

ZAITSEV = Mosin-Nagant M1891-1944 (Named after Vasily Zaytsev)


EM-72 A5 LAW = Hesse Eastern Co. M72 LAW

EM-32 = Milkor MGL Mk 1

-----Secondary Weapons-----

EM-92 FS = Beretta 92

Gloc 17 = Glock 17

USF 40 = Heckler & Koch USP

PI-226 = SIG-Sauer P226

EM-1911A1 = Colt M1911

DE-50 = IMI Mark XIX Desert Eagle

Criss = Kriss-TDI Vector (Yes it's a submachine gun)

KARAKAL UAE = Steyr/UAE Caracal


Smoke grenade = AN M18 smoke grenade

MK-6 E = AN-M14 TH3

-----Wolf Coin Shop-----

C-95 = QBZ-95/97

J-89 = HOWA Type 89

Z-36 = Heckler & Koch G36

SVDR = Dragunuv SVD

EM-500 = Smith & Wesson Model 500

-----WWII Set-----

NMP-40 = Erma MP40

STEM MK-2 = Enfield STEN Mk II

TOMMY-45 = Thompson M1921

RUGER = Luger Parabellum

Stick grenade = Model 24 grenade

-----UAE, Camo, and Gold Sets-----

All weapons in these sets have been modified appearance wise, but other than that, they are the same weapon as their regular counterparts.

Video guides:

Em4-st (n and pt)

Famas Pt and ffw

Ak Classic

Ak pmc




Awp (all awps basically)
Supplimentary vid:



Aug (auz covra)

Xem8 Naked (no upgrades)

Special 7 (set)

That Classic revolver


Montage One

Montage Two

Montage Three

Montage Four


How to rage/Streak

How to play Destruction

How to Snipe In paien + other stuff

*Note* Please Do not post ANYTHING in this topic. This is a work in progress for a Game Sage assignment, and we don't want any feedback, thank you posts, sticky requests, questions, comments, advise, reviews, or Any form of input. Any posts will be deleted.

*Note* Credit also goes to Virtus90 and Vivicide for helping with the thread.
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