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12 Aug 2010
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PostedAug 25, 2010 3:19 pm

Trade for Money and Profit in Online MMORPG

I have drafted a thorough guide on how to trade in MMORPG's for profit with coins, gold, money, or any kinds of in-game currency. This is a thorough analysis of how you can profit legitimately through trading in-game items. (For in-game currency that is).

This is not a spam about gold selling or cash buying. But how you can excel as a player in game.

Trade to Money and Profit in Online MMORPG – SkyBlue’s Online Game Trading Guide

I believe that any player can benefit from the scenarios that I have introduced. However, because this is a general guide, you may still have to tweak ideas and thoughts here and there to get the most out of it.

Hope you can succeed with any MMORPG that you play!

Please comment positively or flame gently on my blog if you like or dislike my articles. ^^
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