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29 Jul 2008
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How the Order Of Souls meet [ fan made ofcourse]

use of shiaya classes ^^
Not having the whole world look at you as if you the one in need, only give's you that feeling you aren't needed anymore... Stuck in an upsetting mind set only got people no where in life. Many stumble into old friends, new enemies, and great treats. But, i never see things for what "people say the seem to be," i just see them and keep walking.
During my first year of high school, a senior asked me to prom and i was astonished. In Mid-Gasp i tumble forward and he tells me i hope you will be there, And he was so handsome, strong suited, heavily built, silky jet black hair he stood about 5; 11, and he just turned 18. Now, knowing me, this was a joke so i told him "sorry i have to go chase the birds out my yard," and suddenly he spat on my shoe and told me " why not chase everyone away from you, you seem to do that best.."
Till this day i think about it what i told him, oh yea how could i forget, his name was Richard, but of course i thought in my head "*****," it always made me laugh because he was such one. It was my Senior year finally, i had no friends and i wore glasses with my hair straight down. Most girls told me i would look a lot better if i opened up more, but i was to afraid to even do that with people. For the first time in years i saw a person that looked like she needed a huge hug. i walked up to her and she looked at me as though i was crazy. "Hi ... mind if i sat down?"
This girl seemed rather off, but i didn't know how to explain it. "So are you new here?' the girl still staring not saying anything " my names jade your actually the first second person i spoke to in in years in this school, most people are into dancing and loud parties and me im a girl that prefers to be solo." "My name is Emily, im a Junior and i just moved into town... im a bit shocked you come to me and speak to me most just said rude things to me your the first to comfort me all day nice to meet you" i sighed with tons of relief. I can see were going to be good friends i thought to my self.
"****, what was i thinking this girl is going to transfer schools faster then i know it... Not enough faith in myself starting off bad already."
Since my first year of high school there has always been this one guy i seemed to look at, he had such a beautiful smile and a great personality. He often tried to hold a conversation with me but i was always afraid of what he may think of me when i spoke to him. His name was Ralph, although his name was simple, he wasn't, his tech skills were amazing. Once i swore i thought he spoke to a computer like whispered into its "ear" what he thought it could do and how strong he believed it was.
As i walked toward my school doors Monday morning i see Ralph, but he didn't seem to happy, "Hey are you ok?' want some company, im willing to sit with you we can miss boring ol' Mr. Chex class he will pass you easily... earth to Ralph...?" As i reach to touch his shoulder i hesitate, but then i think how would i ever see whats wrong with him, how can ever tell him how i feel if we never speak i waited four long years for this. I grab his shoulder and suddenly a bright light escapes from Ralph body and im blinded by this flash and i see everything that has happened to him as time went on. It was like i was living his memories really fast and i even got to one where it became black and i come to.
Not fully awake i can hear people in the asking if im ok, "Is she hurt? what is her status, tell me is she fine?"
"Boss" said the strange voice
"She is fine but needs time to rest, we are in need of every ally we can get our hands on"
"Alright leave her at once, we will attend to her once she is awake gather your things we head for the gates of vill."

"Ugh... what just happened?"
"Well we touched and as history states when the gate keeper is touched you are transported to a location" said Ralph smiling.
With my glasses on things seemed so blurry and fuzzy. So i take them off and my senses are sharp, sharper then most things i felt stronger like if i could dash long times without being tired.
"Where in the world are we?" looking at Ralph calmly, i tried not to show to much emotion i didn't want him to worry to much.
"Who knows were in the world we are at" said Ralph disapprovingly.
" Okay, so we go from a high school full of kids and life to a stoop in the middle of the **** dessert with a table with a sword and a bow with thousands of arrows and a tunic, i hope im not suppose to wear this" i said looking at the items in disgust.
"Well looks like the queen needs us she summoned us with about thousands of other people from other worlds to this place, you were the key, i was the door blocking the worlds i had to let you come to me because a door doesn't have legs theoretically speaking." said Ralph in mid laugh I grabbed the little piece of cloth and the bow off the table and muttered " i know i wont like this"
I wondered how everyone else was i wondered if they even noticed i was gone, Probably not oh well.
"Ralph you want to try and walk a bit see were we can go, i think the best thing we can do is get out of here before anyone finds us that isn't friendly.'
'Yea i guess you're right, fine I'll take this bad *** sword. I would be kick *** with this sword, i would be like "chiller" or so "cold" or maybe "cold as ice" maybe that it my swords name is "ice" Ralph said with a huge smile
"boy, i never thought you were they type to to actually speak"
"what do you mean i talk all the time just never with you..."
"yea i know, im just like that sorry.."
"there's not need to be sorry .... whats your name again.."
"its jade, but my sisters call me the smooch monster, they're all i have back at home."
"aw, how cute little jadey gets called a monster how wonderful, hehe,"
as he looked away i thought my heart was thundering in my head. but suddenly i felt like we were being watched the whole time for some reason my body reacted to flaming arrows flying towards Ralph, my reaction was swift, jumping and shooting three arrows two to hit the ones flying towards "ice" and getting the person shooting arrows toward us.
"how did you do that?!"
" i dont know it just happened?" Suddenly, more came from that one guy turning around and watching Ralph hack away at the bodies of those guys, he hit them and used his blade as a boomer rang tossing it and slicing the heads of them in his way.
Three giants headed towards me and i felt defense less i felt fear take over and i feel a warm body press against and there was Ralph, his beautiful by eyes looking into mine i felt my heart racing. "jade there's no time for this we have to go"
"what, ice you hear that??"
"hear what chick shoot the **** people comming"
i took aim and fired about 200 arrows in a matter of 45 seconds, still an army behind us we run, i ran much faster then ice my tunic was much lighter so i took the higher ground. i shot about ten while distracting them while ice made us a path, suddenly meteors coming out of no where hitting them a mage with the muscles of steel.
"wow this guy is hot, i chuckle," ice looks at me with frustration
"O__o', sorry it was a joke fire balls don't fall from the sky for no reason"
"I am Dwayne my partners called me dewy"
"partners?" we said.
" you mean those bastards who shot at us like if we were some type of target?" those guys? i said in frustration.
"She's tired that's all, i thank you for the help how can you help us?"
With a look of sadness, ice turns to dewy and lets him lead the way,in my mind thinking we were going to get shot at again.
Dewy set up a camp while i waited by the water, i took my shoes off and dipped my feet into it the water was cold but felt like it was something i could stay in for such a long time.
Then i notice a movement and as i reacted i already had lost the battle a large sword pointed at my throat and a dagger inches from my stomach.
"Halt" said the voice
I turned to see who it was "your the man from before"
"ah yes i see your wide awake young comrade, the heavens have answered our prayers and gave use a young beautiful archer women, are you use to working under these types of conditions"
"Em, no sorry im not the one your "goddess" is looking for.. im just a regular human and i come from a place called new coker its on "earth""
"Silence!" screeched the one pointing the sword
"Now T.D.K, thats no way to speak to lady please remove your weapons from her or they may be some friendly fire"
"as you wish sir."
"punk" i muttered with a smile
i ran towards me and gave me a hug " are you ok jade, they do anything to you?"
"ice im fine just i wanted..."
"I am Price, our leader has gone missing and she is a very powerful human, she has the power to control water like natures and she has the power to return life, her name is emily"
Then things dawned on me... it couldn't be the same emily i meet back at school could it be the same person?

Then a flash of blue comes out of no where another one of those fast people she told everyone to join hands as she cast her spell, we could all move as quicky as she did, but who was she?!

To Be Continued!
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