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02 Jan 2010
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PostedAug 13, 2010 2:47 pm

The burning rage vol.2

another story from Korthana's life
It was so long time ago since she left Beika,seems like a lifetime.Long way she passed,grow more older and wiser.that dwarf opened her eyes and she newer shut them again.her skills grow too,she learned to control that fire in her.Few more steps and she was here.her mission was simple enough,go to goblin village and take the ornate box from goblin leader.
She took a deep breath and walk in...Goblins was first confused,they did not know what to do,they newer seen something like that!that little girl was walking trough them without a bit of fear!
The voice of leader strike them like a whip on the back!like one they all grab weapon and charged at her.Korthana just smiled,that was exactly what she want.She castted ring of fire and watch them burn.there were screams,and crying,goblins rolled on the ground thrying to put down the flames.But she want to be shure so she cast fire rain.the screams came down with the rain and goblins where running around like chickens crying for help!
After few minutes the silence came,with the stench of burned carcass.Goblin leader was crying in the corner of the village,badly burned,moving back and forward like rocking chair,mumbling something in his chin trough tears.Korthana raised a hand toward him,and sad softly
"you got something that i need and i want it,now"
Leaders shaking hand pointed toward tent behind her.
"don't try anything that i wouldn't do" she sad and smiled to him while she was turning to tent,and walked slowly there.she moved the soft skin from the entrance with the staff,slowly.
there it was.ornate box was standing in the middle of tent,she smiled.
another mission completed....what a day.
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