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12 Apr 2010
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The Ultimate Ranger!
Ode to Trippy [UM ranger Lvl 1-16]

There she was outside the gates of aelbeugue, she had heard about this place from her brother’s letters.
He had written her about the; thief monkeys, foxes, and sealakels. She was prepared, knew exactly what to expect, and followed her older brother’s quest. She was certain she could be better then him, after all the Fps, Rpgs, Mmos. She always won, but this was not a game she was here for real. So off she ran to the first guard and he didn’t make a crack or two about her chest or short skirt, declined any sexual inclinations for he had met her older brother and knew he would get a stern kick. So he just gave her the job and let her go.

Trippy ran off and took care of the monkeys, then foxes. Even found an old key. When she finally entered the marvelous city filled with elves of all paths; mages studying the way of the elements, archers that scoffed and ignored, rangers that stopped and stared, it didn’t even phase her, she kept her gaze a fixed to the protection merchant, who she could see needed help, and the others searching for assistance. She eagerly rushed over to help them. When she was done she had discovered a set of noble claws that a thief monkey stole, and a new skirt from the protection merchant.

She new it was time to do her part for the alliance, she found it rather easy and enjoyable to hear the screams of dirty, pathetic sealakels as they fell to their knees before her. She briefly considered joining to fight the war, but knew her brother would kill her, so she just went on to help many others within the borders of Etain. She received more armor and weapons helped a man that had been trapped by his own stupidity, she got her chance to kill an archer, and laugh as she pranced off victoriously.

She went to fanselenon institute, she visited keolloseu, took a trip to the vineyard and shared a few drinks with the owner and ran an errand or two.

Then she began to become cocky, bull-headed, and even suicidal. She ran off to her first dungeon. She swayed past the big doors, waltz into the foray. There she met her first skeleton warrior a nasty, smelly, beast that swooned the witches, souls, and anything else that haunted those rooms. She shuttered for a moment, “What if I die here?” but snapped back and took the plunge, she trusted her noble iron knuckles into the warrior, and he swung his axe right back, she stumbled but quickly got back into the game. Just in time for a female soul to ambush her, she began to retreat, but the soul fired off a magic shot and there she dropped unto her knees, said a small prayer to the goddess, “Please, send me a priest. For I am to young to die.” Sure enough her goddess answered, a priest walked in just in time and gave her a second chance. She thanked him, professed her love, and gratitude for the resurrection.

Trippy ran off to join a trio, which quickly formed a mighty party as she quickly learned new skills, and grew; stronger, luckier, and more agile. Trippy grew confidence once again, and challenged a level 18 ultimate fighter, she round-house kicked him then stunned, she dragged him down by his hair, and pissed him off more, but he was too strong took her out in only 9 hits. “I guess his mother never taught him it’s wrong to hit girls.” She chuckled and ran back to her party holding her chin high, she had wounded him a great deal at the least. Just like that, Trippy picked up her courage, and saw her party of strong allies, and charged the mob of skeleton warriors and zombies without a second thought. Her brother would be proud, saddened, and set-back, when he found out. The charge, Trippy made so courageously, cost her everything; pride, wonderment, family, friends, and lastly her life. She had risked everything. Given freely of her skills, and many talents to save a fellow ranger that did not need saving.

…and so now you know the story of a young, naïve, little girl. On an adventure to help others, learn new skills and talents. Instead she learned a little about an emotion most live their wholes lives without, and became nothing more than; a name, a girl, and a casualty of battle. The only memory is scrawled across a headstone.

really? the word c-o-c-k-y is offensive? >.<'
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