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05 May 2010
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PostedJul 27, 2010 1:48 pm

Empty Battle - Part 1

Rhona threw her sword down onto the tough ground. It was so unfair. As soon as she turned 16 she had quickly been enrolled in the Young Fury Soldier Training program, without even a say in the matter. She was longing to do all the things she used to do; sneaking past the guards in Keolloseau and ducking down by the fountain with her friends while the lazy rangers and fighters just watched them; spending hours laying in the tough grass watching the stars roll by her village, visiting a small shrine she and her best friend Moona had discovered just outside Iris. She missed everything.
And now her brother had been killed by an Alliance. The news had come short and sharp. Rhona had not cried. She couldn't waste precious water on tears.
She had just finished a battle and was bleeding just below her thigh. She didn't care because nobody else did.
She was all alone here.
Picking up her claws again she started to return to her cramped tent which she shared with five other soldiers.
That was when she saw it.
The beautiful arrow glinting in the sun. It was gold with silver inscriptions on it. Rhona couldn't help herself. She just
had to touch it and read the silver. She picked it out of the rock solid ground with some difficulty, but finally managed.
She read the words: [/i]Those who say my name will never die; Those who die will never say my name; Those who never say my name will die.
She turned it over:
Rhona turned in surprise and ducked her dead, dropping the amazing arrow.
"What were you doing with my arrow?"
Rhona dared to look up.
It was an Alliance.

Thanks for reading so far, the next part will be out tomorrow. Feel free to comment and critisize! Smile
Jo x


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30 Nov 2011
PostedDec 28, 2011 11:39 am

Continue please

It sounds interesting already, and I'd like it if you continued. I don't find much fury-centric stuff, so I'd like to see where you take this. :3


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04 Jul 2012
PostedJul 29, 2012 4:59 pm
nice story until now, but lil short.
anyway... looking forward for continue!
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