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05 Jul 2010
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projectTOXICgaming's Media Centre


Name's Daniel. You can call me Karma. I am one of the founders of projectTOXICgaming. It is a muti-gaming online community (or clan). We are dedicated to uniting under one name. That is projectTOXIC. Me and SeveR, do alot of the media work. So now if you want a banner, avatar, icon, wallpaper, or signature. It's easy as going down there, copying and pasting, that application and posting a comment onto this thread or emailing it to me!

Name: Daniel Lee
Alias: Karma Solstice
In-Game Name: KARMAtxc
Guild: projectTOXIC
Experience: 2 Years of PhotoShop
Faction/Sever: AoL / Teos

-AP Items*
-Gold Coins
* Only way to pay if you do not play on the TEOS server.

Banners:1 AP Item / 250K
Avatars:1 AP Item / 150K
Signatures:1 AP Item / 500K
Wallpaper:1 AP Item / 300K
Insurance:1 AP Item / 100K
*Insurance make it so that if you do not like the media I have done I will redo it until your liking.

Forum Package:2 AP Items / 600K
-Includes Avatar and Signature.
Complete Package:3 AP Items / 1MILL
-Includes Banner, Avatar, Signature, and Wallpaper.
Wallpaper Lover's Package:3 AP Items / 1MILL
-Includes 5 Wallpapers.
Incredible Bulk Package: 5AP Items / 2MILL
-Includes 2 Banners, 3 Avatars, 2 Signatures, 3 Wallpapers.
Guild Hook-Up Package: 10 AP Items / 7MILL
-Includes 1 Banners, 7 Avatars, 7 Signatures, 1 Wallpapers.
Lovers' Package: 10 AP Items / 6MILL
-Includes 3 Banners, 3 Avatars, 3 Signatures, 3 Wallpapers.

Banners: 1,
Avatars: 1, 2. 3, 4,
Signatures: 1,
Wallpaper: 1, 2,

Copy and paste the form below. Either post it into a comment, PM, or into my email.
Gift me the AP item or plan out to meet me in Teos for the payment. The better the AP the better the media. It is very versatile on what you want to give me for an AP item. It can be ANYTHING. But like I noted above. Better item = Faster Development and Better Quality.

In-Game Name:

Guild Website
My Photobucket Account
Guild Recruitment Thread

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