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19 May 2010
Chicago, United States
PostedJul 03, 2010 4:20 pm

Dog Soldiers

Inspirational Film
Okay, okay,it's really a horror. But that's just my cuppa tea. I said inspirational because it inspired me to write "Trial By Fire," found in fanfic.

It's UK-made, so some people may have difficulty understanding some of the dialogue, which is belted out in the UK dialect. But the dialogue and some situations are beyond hysterical.

It came out in 2002 and I consider it one of the best WW movies ever made (at least, that I've seen, and I'm a huge fan of the horror genre and love WWvs [and at the same time am scared out of my pants. I can't walk alone at night without scanning the perimeter for possible wolvies hiding out in bushes, behind trees and fences, up in the trees, on rooftops, tall grass, behind or underneath external stairways, just to name a few. And I'm an insomniac. Most of my activity is done during the night.])

Since I'm not going to do an eloquant job of explaining the movie, I leave you with two links. The first is the trailer on YT, the second is the IMDB profile for it.

PS: Okay,I lied. You know how sometimes you get caught up on YouTube? Well, one more link bout the movie. It's worth it, I promise. Razz
PPS: Decided not to include the second link. The movie IS rated R, and the videos feature naughty language. But if you do want to see them, just YouTube Dog Soldiers.

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