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20 Sep 2009
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Experiment 001 Redux

Newly expanded:

Fear, two medical orderlies flanked me on either side while a guard stood in front and behind. I was led through two large bay doors into the bottom of a large medical theater. Months of preparation had come down to this moment. My moment, the one that I had been selected and bred for. This was to be the culmination of decades of work and preparation, both on my part and on the part of the dozens of scientists who were watching me. This was the moment that had defined my existence. the moment that would be the culmination of my life, and yet, I was afraid. The mind is a fickle thing, they had trained me and others like me to avoid such liabilities like emotion, and thought. Yet I had ignored their warnings, I had submitted to my desires and felt the emotions that both define and destroy our minds. They had warned us emotions would kill us, and yet I the price of death seemed small to the pleasure and privilege that was emotion.

I laid down on the hard metal examination table. The orderlies and guards murmured mute words around me as large leather straps were placed over my wrists and ankles. Their murmurings didn't concern me. I was preoccupied with the strange thought of dieing. This above all others was the thought we were told was a sin. Our existence is one where death is merely the means to achieve a goal. Yet, I was committing this blasphemy knowingly, willingly. The orderlies applied sterilizer to the pre-marked points on my body and then threaded long IV tubes into my veins. I attempted to calm myself even as the large LED screen above me flashed and the data of my existence was displayed for all to see. Fear compounded fear as I worried that the scientists would see my elevate heart beat, guess my guilt, and I would be cast out like the others before me who couldn't resist the temptation of humanity.

The orderly on my right stopped for a moment, he looked into my eyes. I hadn't seen him before, he was a new worker. I could see him looking for something yet I didn't know what? My humanity? My soul? I had long since learnt to hide those from others who would prefer me not to have either. I could see a almost sigh of sadness in his eyes as he looked away. The room hushed as a green light flashed. I felt a coldness enter my body through the alien tubes. A standard Iv, the coldness numbed arm, yet not my mind. This shouldn't be happening, but it must happen. I can't do it, but I am are meant to do it. Conflict was what I was made for, yet conflict of the mind paralyzed me. How was it I could snuff out the light of another man without a thought yet I couldn't quiet the voice within me? A hiss, the cold stream went warm, out of the corner of my eye large tubes of mute green chemicals emptied their contents.

Pain. My body writhed in agony was liquid fire coursed through my veins from the tank beside me. My mind screamed for escape or release from the unbearable agony, but large straps left me helpless as I lay on the examination table. Around me, sitting on a multi-tiered amphitheater, were those responsible for my pain. I could hear them, whispering and muttering, examining my every move as the large LED display above me displayed my ever increasing heart beat and brain waves.

I roared in agony as the muscles and bone of my face and head crack, pull, and warp. My vision wavered then flashed red as my face began to painfully push outwards into a much more bestial shape. My arms and legs burned as they increased in size, muscle growing, bones shifting and strengthening. The straps that held me down groaned and strained against my increasingly muscled extremities. Unbearable itching began across my body as a dark furred pelt pushed it's way through my skin. All these pains were each unique, and unbearable. My mind screamed as loud as my mouth, every nerve burned and sent out its own scream of agony. Through tightly squinted eyes I could see the scientists eyeing me nervously as I began the next phase of my metamorphosis.

Even as the pain lessened my senses became ultra-sensitive. The biting smell of sterilizing chemicals and plastic stung at my nose as they blended with the much more natural smell of human beings. I could smell the fear of the scientists, around me. I felt an instinctual pleasure in the presence of fear in those who were responsible for the pain. I squinted as the harsh white lights of the medical theater grew brighter to my already punished mind. I tasted blood from where, in my pain, I had bitten my tongue with my newly sharpened teeth. The metallic taste stirred a primal hunger in my mind as I my heart rate slowed and the pain diminished to a dull ache through out my mutated body.

Anger. The researchers recorded the last of their notes as I laid there on the table breathing heavily. They turned and shook each others hands, congratulated themselves on their success even as I watched. The anger at such smug injustice burned as my heart rate began to accelerate. The humans in the room stopped what they were doing as the large LED display began to beep even faster. My breathing increased as two medical aids approached me, I could smell their fear, and it smelt good. I began to growl and struggled against my leather bounds. The scientists and medical aids began to back away as my struggles became more violent. I roared as the straps holding my arms down snapped from the strain. The slow movement away from the table became a full fledged panic.

Alarms sounded, adding their blaring notes to the chaotic din that was the medical theater. With one last effort the straps holding my ankles broke. With a roar I lunged from the table towards my nearest victim. The scientist screamed in terror as three hundred pounds of muscle, fur, and bone struck him like a wrecking ball. In one swift movement my talon like claws sliced open his jugular and eviscerated his chest cavity. Roaring in triumph I selected my next target and lunged into a lightening fast sprint. The person didn't know what hit them as they tumbled to the ground. My fangs crushed around his neck in the killing bite.

By now the most of the scientists had made it too the doors on each side of the large room. To there horror large metal containment doors began to shut over the exits and windows. They were trapped. Panicked, they scattered across the room searching for some way, any way out. One by one I killed each of them, exacting my revenge for what had been done for me and slating my lust for the hunt till finally no living thing besides me existed in the gore strewn medical theater.

Fear. The alarms stopped sounding. As my adrenaline high from the hunt burned off I began to realize what had happened too me. I was altered, a monster, I examined my victims who lay strewn around the room and was horrified. What had I done? Then a hiss. Yellowish green gases began pouring into the room from hidden ventilation ducts. As the first acrid vapors struck my muzzle I began to cough. They were flooding the room with nerve gas. They're fail safe system. The wolf mind panicked. It howled in rage and frustration even as my body grew clumsy. In desperation I began pounding on the door with all my mutated strength. The metal flexed and bent but would not break even as my lungs burned and arms grew heavy. My mind cried out for relief. For just one breath of air even as my vision darkened. I collapsed to the floor as my body became too heavy to stand. I let out a muted whimper as my brain began to shut down, dragging my consciousness into a deep dark night....


"The clean-up crew will have their work cut out for them," A grey suited man said as he examined the wrecked amphitheater. Around him guards and research aids took roll call and gathered the victims remains. "How many did he kill?" The grey man asked the guard next to him.

"Looks like sixteen bodies sir. He went to town," he answered grimly.

"My, my, this project is showing some potential. Tell the remaining research team that their efforts are at last bearing fruit and to start working on improving the subjects mental.... cooperation," the suited man said.

"Yes sir. What do you want us to do with the specimen?" the guard asked, gesturing at the dead wolf soldier on the floor.

"Burn it, no traces," the suited man said as he turned and walked out the door....
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