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21 Mar 2009
HoChiMinh Vietnam
PostedApr 27, 2010 12:19 am

"If the two altogether exist, this kingdom will collapse"

The legend started from the Vergo Kingdom, when the 2 beautiful princesses Kenla and Veria were born
The legend started from the Vergo Kingdom, when the 2 beautiful princesses Kenla and Veria were born. They bear 2 kinds of bloodstream: Human – the Royal clan, and Elf – the High Deity clan. Unfortunately, the fate did not allow the 2 beautiful princesses to exist at the same time because the Deceit Godess called down a wicked curse upon the twins when they were born:
“If the two altogether exist, this kingdom will collapse”
Being worried about the collapse of the kingdom, the king and the queen decided to send one of them to a farmer in a remote countryside Pentras to avoid the disaster.
When they grow up, Kenla – the one living in rich in the palace of Vergo – was as beautiful as many kinds of flowers from the vast steppe, as sharp as each of metally bright dune in the immense dasert. She is especially good at making up medicine and wishes to be a doctor to help people with special treatment which is only taught in the palace.
Veria – the one being sent to a farmer – has a strong will inherited from his in-law father who is a blacksmith and a graceful character of a female farmer. She is referred as “The Flower of Pentras”.
One day, Mastobar – Bentor’s prince – comes across Pentras for a sightseeing, discovring new country then accidentally meets Veria and falls in love with her. Unfortunately, the Bentors has engaged with the Vergos, therefore he has to marry the princess Kenla for coalition and expanding territories of the 2 kingdoms…
Loving Veria, the prince leave his throne behind to have a true love which he never has in the palace!!! The both run away to find the peace of life. They live in a romantic love.
Wheras, the Bentor King doesn’t want his son to fall in love with a blacksmtih’s daughter, he sends the army to seek for them every where. The Vergo’s King gets angry at the behaviour of the Bentor’s Prince and Kenla is suffered from being refused to get married!!!
The prophets from Bentor ask for help of the Deity Goddess to find the prince. In turn, the Bentor’s treasure (the Hard sword found in the dragon’s cave in the vital battle from the early days founding territory) will belong to her and the prince will have to live in the motionless status for the rest of his life…
Following instructions of The Deity Goddes, the Bentors finally finds Mastobar and Veria!!! They are taken to Bentor for punishment.
After being taken to home, the prince becomes indifferent, getting married with Kenla as being told… And Veria has to bear the highest punisment of Bentor, being burnt!
When being isolated, Veria gets extremely upset. She cries and prays for power to win the indiffernece of the price. One night, the goddess appears in her dream, telling her the way out of Bentor’s prison. With a strong will, she manages to escape and goes to Pentras to find her lover.
In Pentras, the wedding is being held magnificently, but the prince even doesn’t smile, just looks into the unlimited space. Kenla after meeting Mastobar falls in love with him. But she doesn’t know that Mastobar’s heart gets frozen.
Veria goes back to Pentras and immediately breaks into the palce to find her lover. Passing by the hall, she is upset and feels like being betrayed when accidentally sees Mastobar’s wedding with Kenla. She rushes into the hall with the feud to take her lover back.
In the besiege of the army, she runs toward the prince and realizes that he is not her Mastobar, he is just a body without soul and feelings…
Protecting the prince, the amry stabs her in her heart, she gets wounded and unconscious. Her blood falls onto the prince’s hand making him awake after a long dream.
Without the protection of the armour any more, Veria appears as beautiful as Kenla!! Everyone is surprised. The butterfly tattoo on her shoulder exposes. The Pentra’s King realizes his lost daughter, then tries his best to cure her!! The Deity Goddess’s curse comes to real. The 2 princesses cannot exist altogether at the same time.
The foreign countries consisting of Tyrant and Vail cooperate to oppose Hman and Elf. The war happens violently. The Pentras and the Bentors try to defend, also pray for medicine to save Veria from the Truth Goddess.
Life can be saved but curse cannot be solved. With the help of Tre Truth Goddes, Veria survives and lives in love with her family, her sister Kenla and Mastobar.
But Tyran_Vali with the dark power defeats Human_Elf…
Veria knows that she is the key and that she is the only one can save the 2 countries. One night, when the moon grows high, she comes to the pond where the Truth Goddess is worshipped, down on knees she agrees to have a death for saving the 2 countries. The moon shines a kind of pure light lighting a whole area of Pentras and Bentor. The moonlight makes people feel peaceful and leave the feud behind. She dies. Pentras has only one princess now, Kenla. The Deity Goddess’s curse cannot be true. The Tyran_Vail coalition retreat to rebuild the peace.
Mastobar is extremely upset when hearing that Veria dies for her people and for solving the wicked curse. He suicides in the pond where Veria dies. After that, Kenla gets suffered, she cries for her sister’s fate and her belove. She decides to revenge on the Deity Goddess! But it is another story!

( * ) The Deity Goddess and the 2 princess’s mother have been hating each other for long time and the goddess then curses on the 2 princess when they were born.

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love you so much


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01 Apr 2010
PostedApr 27, 2010 3:45 am
Anh yêu em. ♥

It's a sad and beautiful story. Crying or Very sad


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31 Dec 2008
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PostedApr 27, 2010 4:37 am
Very impressive Xoai. The scene at 3:40 is so smooth and amazing. QFT Thea.

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