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13 Jan 2008
Pleasant Hill United States
PostedFeb 13, 2008 12:43 am

Javelins/Crossbows own for lower levels?

I have noticed on my level 9 HM (full luck build) hunter that, when compared to a bow, javelins are killing about twice as fast (while kiting of course). Does this change later? When my crits start kicking in will the bow ever surpass the heavy hitter weapons in DPS? If so, around what level does the bow level itself out?

I know I will be sticking with my javelin for the moment since it is getting me much faster kills, just sucks I already powered up bow passive though.

Knoll - Level 50 Guardian (Normal) Asar - Level 2x Hunter (Hard) - LUCK hunters are a living hell to level at low levels.. seriously horrible
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