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04 Feb 2008
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PostedFeb 12, 2008 3:10 am

Screwed Up I Think

Ok atm im lvl 15, i hit pretty weak compared to other ppl. Its pissing me off. I screwed up a bit with my stats tho, im used to Dungeon siege where dex increases dmg, so i accidently rasied that for a while. So im wondering how much of a fck up is this?

Check out my stats and skills and tell me what i should do

As fast as skills go, iv got bullseye and my buffs are put in right i think.

But still when it comes to pvping i dont do as well as i would think. I mean yea i guess i do have a decent build cuz i got 4 lvls in delphia in one day. Look at it this way, i see everyone else hitting 200-400 while im still hitting 141 with only a critical. Otherwise i hit 39-50.

For a lvl 15 archer, whats a decent dmg?

Also another few questions if any1 can answer...

When im in that Delphia pvp place, is that all only lvl 15 and below? Or everyone can got here? And also if i want to switch to hard or ultimate mode, do i have to wait until im lvl 50 to do so? And what are the benefits of being in ultimate mode?

Yea hopefully som1 can help me out here, and hopefully soon. Or i think ima just gonna start froms cratch agian.


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29 Jan 2008
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PostedFeb 12, 2008 11:50 am
You are close to a 3 2 build. (72 luc 40 dex) at your lvl.

with a 3 2 build you should do 42 damage + weapon damage and crit 14.4% of the time for about 69, 80, 105 + weapon damage then less their defense if you dont debuff them with shot point.

I did notice you dont have shot point, i forget what lvl you can get this at BUT that alone will help you hit harder.

If you were going for a luc build (4 luc 1 dex) you would have 87 luc and 25 dex with a crit rate of 17.4% (73, 84, 110 damage + base weapon damage minus defense). Base damage is 44+weapon damage with this build at your lvl.

If you went for the 4 str 1 dex ( ) build it would be 84 base damage + weapon damage with only a 5.4% chance to crit for (139, 160, 210 + weapon damage and minute the defense of your target)

multipliers given are 1.65, 1.9, and 2.5 the most common being 1.65 and 1.9 and the rarer 2.5.

So your build is not too far off the mark of the 3 2 build (luc/dex). Your fine.

Get some noble items to socket with lvl 5 lapus and you will be a lvl 15 pvp god Smile
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